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No Food—Just Bad Water

They were often hungry. So Thando and her mother would go down to the river and drink lots of water to fill their empty stomachs. But the water made them sick. Without regular work, Thando’s parents seemed doomed to a miserable existence. ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Every day Thando and her mom Monica

walked down to the river to fetch water.

Sometimes they go to the river because they have nothing

to eat.

INTERPRETER: There were times we drank the river water just

to make our hunger go away.

Thando got very skinny and had rashes all over her body.

I felt terrible.

I look everywhere for work.

People said that they would get back to me, but they never did.

NARRATOR: Neither Monica nor her husband could find steady work,

so the whole family was malnourished.

One morning Monica found Thando in bed very sick.

INTERPRETER: Fear felt me.

I thought she was going to die.

I cried out to God, wondering if He saw us suffer.

I knew He could give us a normal life.

I just had to put my trust in Him.

NARRATOR: Desperate to find help,

Monica reached out to Crossroads,

a ministry supported by CBN's Orphan's Promise.

We immediately help Thando get treated for her rashes

and malnourishment.

Soon she was healthy again.

Now she's one of 75 children enrolled in our daycare program

in the area.

Here, she has two meals a day, clean water, and friends.

INTERPRETER: I love the food.

I want to come to school every day, even on Sundays.

There are so many toys here, I can't decide

which ones to play with first.

INTERPRETER: I'm so happy because I know

she is being taken care of.

People there treat her like she's their own.

NARRATOR: We help Thando's dad get a job as a truck driver.

And we helped Monica find work too.

Together, Monica and her husband can now

provide for their family.

INTERPRETER: Thank you so much for what you have done for us.

I pray that you will continue to do the same for others.




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