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They Called Her “Ugly Monster”

To her neighbors and classmates, her cleft lip was an ugly curse. Even her mother abandoned her. They called her horrible names and caused such misery that she tried to take poison. What she needed was a new life. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: No one in Ch'ien's remote village had ever seen

someone like her before.

Classmates wouldn't even call her by name.

NARRATOR: They just laughed at me and call me blender mouth.

Even Ch'ien's grandpa mocked her and called her ugly


She believed that all she ever be.

I know I'm ugly.

Every time I look in the mirror, I

see someone ugly staring back at me.

I'm heartbroken, and I'm a big burden to my parents.

There were times I want to jump off a building and end my life.

I remember one time she tried to drink poison.

I ran and tried to stop her.

NARRATOR: Ultimately Ch'ien's mom abandoned the family,

leaving Mr. Wang to take care of his daughter himself.

I just wanted to be pretty like other girls but I wasn't.

So I hid under a blanket on my bed

and cried every day after school.

She did very bad in school.

She had breathing problems, and she got nosebleeds

all the time.

I feel so sorry for her, especially when she asked me

when she will get surgery.

NARRATOR: As a farmer, Mr. Wang only makes a few dollars a day.

After paying for living expenses,

school fees a medicine for Ch'ien, I couldn't save

for surgery.

But I said don't worry, we'll find a way to fix your lip.

You'll be fine.

I do not want my daughter to have to stay in the country

her whole life with no friends and no future.

NARRATOR: But that was the direction Ch'ien was heading

until CBN set up and paid for the cleft lip surgery she

and her father had dreamed of.

NARRATOR: Now that my lip has been repaired,

I look in the mirror and think I'm

beautiful like a bouquet of flowers.

I even have dimples that I never had before.

Thank you for giving my daughter surgery

and completely changing her life.

NARRATOR: Today, Ch'ien has friends.

She hopes to be a cleft lip surgeon one day.

And after meeting people from CBN,

she's prayed to become a Christian.

I have a God who loves me.

I know he sent CBN to help me.

And now I will live to help others.


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