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A Money Strategy For Tough Times

Married over 29 years, Donnie and Bonnie know what to do with their money. Whether there was work or not work, good times or tough times, they always did one thing that served them well. Find out what it is. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Donnie and Bonnie Floyd love CBN

and with good reason.

We've been married for 29 years

and it's been a part of our life for 29 years.

NARRATOR: Shortly after getting married,

the Floyds became CBN partners.

At the time, the Floyds owned a construction company

and no matter what, they decided to tithe, even

during the tough times.

It didn't matter whether there was no work

or whether there was a lot of work.

We continued to always tithe 10% and God was always

faithful to provide for us

NARRATOR: In the mid-90s, the Floyds

felt called to go into full-time ministry.

Donnie closed his construction business.

They used their savings to help with their living expenses.

In the meantime, Donnie continued

working as a driving instructor but it was never enough,

especially during the holidays.

On Christmas Eve, we went to church.

This younger couple-- a little bit younger than us--

had said, Merry Christmas, handed us an envelope and we

said, thanks.

And we got in the truck and I said,

hey open that card up, Bonnie and see

what the Christmas card says.

And when we opened it up, there was $1,000 cash in there.

And that was just what we needed to meet

our bills for that month.

This is what I've learned about the Lord.

He loves the 11th hour.

He is never late but he is always on time.

NARRATOR: The Floyds continued tithing and giving to CBN.

Just last May, they increased their giving

to the 2,500 Club level.

We were watching The 700 Club and Donnie

and I looked at each other and said, it's time to increase.

If we need an increase, then we need to increase.

And that's what we did.

We love everybody there, we love the news portion--

that's one of our favorite things.

I say, CBN News is the most fair and balanced, and the truth.

I love Operation Blessing.

They're going around drilling wells

all over the world for people because they

can't drink clean water.

NARRATOR: Donnie works fewer hours

and can devote more time to their full-time ministry.

They want everyone to understand why giving is so important.

God has proven himself over, and over, and over again.

And you just can't not trust Him.

He's so faithful.

He's never, ever let us down, and He is not

going to start now.


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