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Hot Kettle. Small Child. TRAGEDY!

Katya heard a metallic crash and screams of pain. Her 1-year-old suffered scalding water burns over 30 percent of her body. The doctor acted quickly to save the child, but Katya worried that she couldn’t afford the expensive surgery. Discover ... Read Transcript

INTERPRETER: I want my Bogdana that to be joyful, happy,

and healthy.

It is the most important thing for me.

NARRATOR: 20-year-old Katya of Ukraine

loves her 1-year-old daughter Bogdana.

Katya is a single mother who raises her daughter

alone on a government allowance of $100 a month.

Not long ago, as Katya was working close by,

Bogdana was injured in a tragic accident.

INTERPRETER: I suddenly heard something fall, and then

her tears.

I realized Immediately that the tea kettle with boiling water

has poured out on her.

NARRATOR: Katya and her baby were transported by ambulance

to the nearest hospital.

Oleg Andreyev, the head of the burn department,

was the first doctor to examine Bogdana.

INTERPRETER: The child had burns on 30% of her body.

She was in shock and her condition was critical.

She needed immediate surgery.

Her prognosis was more uncertain because she was

suffering from malnutrition.

INTERPRETER: I have no money for medical treatment.

I don't know what to do and who will help me.

I have no relatives, nobody.

NARRATOR: Dr. Andreyev knew from prior cases

that CBN and Orphan's Promise helped families in need.

INTERPRETER: The cost of medical treatment for severe burns

is high.

Zamata is unable to provide her child

with such medical treatment.

That's why I applied to you for help.

NARRATOR: After hearing about Katya's urgent need,

CBN agreed to pay for all of Bogdana's medical treatment.

The surgery she needed was performed the next day.

She also received artificial skin

that hastens recovery from severe burns

by preventing infections and scarring.

INTERPRETER: It will take her just three weeks

to recover thanks to the timely medical care.

NARRATOR: Soon Katya and Bogdana returned home

to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Once that Katya no longer takes for granted.

INTERPRETER: Bogdana recovered.

Everything has healed well, and she smiles and plays with joy.

Thank you very much for helping us.

I'm very grateful to you.

God, himself helps me through you.

Thank you so much.


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