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Serving God, Country and Family

Army Sergeant Neil took out a loan to move his new wife Jennifer and stepdaughters from Texas to North Carolina. Grateful for being together, they didn’t mind living with little furniture. But they missed their family back in Texas. CBN ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Platoon Sergeant Neal has

spent a total of three years of his decorated army career

overseas in combat zones.

The life he came home to after each deployment

changed dramatically a few years ago when

he married Jennifer, and stepped into the role of dad

to her daughters, Cristina and Marissa.

I do love them very, very much,

and they're pretty amazing young ladies, which

is a testimony to their mom.

NARRATOR: Bringing the families together

wasn't easy or affordable.

The couple had to take out a loan

to move Jennifer and the girls from Texas to Neil's duty

station at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Plus, they couldn't afford a kitchenette set,

and didn't want to buy one on credit.

Jennifer had helped to land a job

after moving to North Carolina to help with the household


But months went by with no prospects.

There's a lot of roadblocks, just one thing after another.

Things weren't working out.

And so, it became a big stress for us

because that's not what we had hoped would happen,

and how we thought things would work out.

NARRATOR: The couple prayed together often,

but Neil admits sometimes it was hard to trust God.

It was to the point of just frustration

and not knowing, just asking the Lord if we're going to make it.

NARRATOR: Just outside Fort Bragg,

Riverhouse church contacted Helping the Home Front

and asked for help.

Their Pastor, Stacy Long, stopped by

to tell the couple CBN was ready to ease their financial stress.

They actually want to reimburse you

for moving expenses to get Jennifer and the girls

out here.

So that's one of the blessings that they to give you guys.

They want to ease that burden for you guys.

NARRATOR: Pastor Stacy also told them CBN was

buying them kitchen furniture.

And there was one more surprise.

The family hadn't visited Jennifer's parents in Texas

in over two years because they couldn't afford the trip.

That was about to change.

CBN wants to fly your family to go

see your family in El Paso.

Aw, that's so awesome.

Oh my goodness.

That's way above and beyond.

That is so awesome, especially for the girls.

NARRATOR: Neil and Jennifer picked out their new dinette

set, .

And then a few months later, the whole family flew to El Paso

for a visit.

I feel just a massive amount of just love and gratitude

to CBN for helping us out and being so generous.

It's not something that we expected,

and what an amazing thing to do.

It's a huge gift.

We're so thankful for that.


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