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Who Will Save His Daughter’s Life?

Mr. Li never expected to be a single dad, but after his wife died of heart complications, he was left to raise his daughter LiHou alone. Like her mother, she had a life-threatening heart defect. Her father worked hard to get her well, but could ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: After Mr. Li's wife died of heart complications,

he was left to raise his daughter LiHou alone.

And she had two holes in her heart.

Doctors told us that her heart was not growing,

and that she couldn't absorb nutrition.

And the longer we waited to get her surgery, the more dangerous

it would get.

I was horrified she would die just like her mother.

NARRATOR: LiHou, who was constantly

in and out of the hospital.

Lee Ho cried a lot after my wife passed away.

That increased the burden on her heart.

She had fevers more often, and her immune system

continued to get worse.

When I held her, it was like holding a kitten in my arms.

My heart ached.

It felt like I was being attacked by tons of bugs.

NARRATOR: So Mr. Lee worked from before dawn to after dark

to save his daughter.

At times, he was so tired he fainted.

I had no strength, but I would never give up,

no matter how difficult it got.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, LiHou's heart weakened.

She said, it hurts.

It hurts.

It was devastating.

NARRATOR: Things changed when a doctor told Mr. Lee about CBN,

and we agreed to help.

We quickly scheduled heart surgery

that saved LiHou's life.

And we helped Mr. Lee pay down some of his debt.

The people from CBN encouraged me a lot.

And I found hope again, because my child will survive.

NARRATOR: After surgery, LiHou couldn't stop smiling

and we were there to help her celebrate

her fresh start on life.

Thank you for caring about poor people like us.

Your love helped me to get through the coldest

winter of my life, and brought the warmth of spring to me.

Thank you for my surgery.

When I grow up, I want to be kind-hearted and show

other people the same kind of love you showed me.


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