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When You've Spent Like There's No Tomorrow

Imagine buying whatever you want with your credit card with no limits. Sound exciting? That’s what Ron and Linda did—except they didn’t have the money! See what they did to take back control and get out of debt. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: For most of their lives, Ron and Linda Eggers

were terrible at managing their finances.

They often used credit cards to buy

things they didn't need, with money they didn't have.

If we wanted something, we'd just go out and buy it.

My husband wanted a boat.

Our friends had boats.

Yeah, let's go buy a boat.

NARRATOR: To make matters worse, they

only paid the minimum on their credit cards.

Soon, they'd racked up so much debt,

they had to declare bankruptcy.

They set up payment plans to settle their debts.

You just want to scream sometimes.

It was so demanding.

And you'd end up with headaches.

And it just kind of bothered me that we

weren't able to take care of what we had.

NARRATOR: The Egger also had to live on food stamps.

To me, it was like I was a failure,

because I had never had to go and beg people for handouts.

And that's what I felt like I was doing.

It just makes you just-- you feel, like, about this big,

and it's just-- it's humiliating.

You know?

NARRATOR: Ron and Linda knew they needed a change.

So they began going to church and they studied what

the Bible said about money.

And she said, I feel that we need to give.

And remember in the Bible where they said that you'd give

and you shall receive, and your blessings will return tenfold?

NARRATOR: Ron and Linda became CBN partners.

They soon saw how God rewarded their trust in him.

Linda started working full time at their church

and Ron got a new job working security.

This time the Eggers set up a budget

and cut up their credit cards.

We watch what we spend.

We coupon.

If we don't have the money to pay for something,

then we don't get it.

NARRATOR: Ron and Linda paid off their debt,

and they're current on their bills.

They've even increased their giving to CBN

to the 2500 Club level.

They want others to trust God and start giving too.

The more he blesses you, the more you can bless others.

You've got to give, and see what he will do for you.

Trust God.

Every promise he makes is the truth and it happens.


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