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Do You Need a Financial Comeback?

Richard and Melanie were pulling money from savings to pay their employees after the market crashed in 2008. They never gave up and have a secret to share that brought them back on top. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: As owners of two thriving preschools,

Richard and Melanie Riley are devoted

to educating the next generation.

It just makes me feel lighthearted, gives me

a lot of joy.

From the first day we opened, we always had a backlog.

We had a waiting list.

The school systems even came to evaluate us,

because the kids were coming into the kindergarten already

knowing their lessons.

NARRATOR: But in 2008, the economy crashed and enrollment

dropped significantly.

We went from the first time having waiting lists,

trying to place children, to all of a sudden now, we

were dropping to 80% capacity, 70% capacity.

And once you pass 70% capacity, now you're in the red.

And we went down to 50% capacity.

NARRATOR: To keep the schools going,

the Rileys stopped taking a salary.

In order to pay their staff, Richard and Melanie

dipped into their savings.

We didn't believe that someone else should

have to go on unemployment and not have a job,

not be able to provide fully for their families.

NARRATOR: After a couple of years,

their money was running out.

And they were desperate for solutions.

When you realize that you don't even

know where the next dollar is coming from,

you realize that the only thing that matters

is that the Lord is going to take care of you.

NARRATOR: While money was tight, the Rileys

continued giving to their church and to CBN.

Richard and Melanie have been CBN partners for over 40 years

and love the work CBN does.

You know, to go in a community of people who have basically

nothing and build homes for them, and give them water,

give them a way to make a business work--

selling chickens or milk or whatever--

that's just amazing to me.

NARRATOR: They believe God rewarded their faithfulness,

because they were able to make payroll and keep

their schools open.

Then in 2010, Richard got a surprise job offer

from an old friend.

Richard thrived and that gave the Rileys

the boost they needed to get through the tough times.

So it's turned into a blessing and we're all doing well.

NARRATOR: Today, Richard is a senior vice

president at his company.

Melanie is still running the schools, which

are back to full capacity.

Together, they encourage everyone to give.

Tithing is the gift which will bring and bless you

with everything that you're going to do.

You have to show appreciation for the Lord.

I just know that giving works.

If you can entrust God with your wealth,

then you can entrust him with anything in your life.


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