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Syrian Family Flees War, Death and Destruction

Marha watched in horror as bombs shattered her home in Syria. In another blast she lost her cousin, and her brother was so heartbroken he took his own life. Would this family ever find a safe place to live? Follow them to a refugee camp in ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: [INAUDIBLE] family was forced

to flee the war in Syria when a bomb destroyed their home.

It has been very difficult here.

And my husband works very hard.

He can't get a better job, because the government

won't allow the refugees to find legitimate work.

But we still need money to feed ourselves.

NARRATOR: [INAUDIBLE] and her husband

invited me into their makeshift tent,

and told me about their lives before the war.

We had a beautiful home in Syria.

And I farmed my own land with many goats.

Now, I work in our landlord's field, just

making enough to pay the rent.

NARRATOR: When CBN's Orphan's Promise, and Heart for Lebanon

found out about the family's situation, first,

we invited them to our food distribution.

Each one of these bundles has enough rice, canned meat,

beans, and household goods to last family of up to eight

for an entire month.

NARRATOR: Now [INAUDIBLE] daughter and son

are going to the Hope Center, which is also

supported by Orphan's Promise.

Here, they and other Syrian refugee children

are learning English, Arabic, and math.

I love going to school so much.

The teachers are amazing, and really care for us.

We weren't able to go to school when we first came to Lebanon,

and I really missed it.

But now we go to the Hope Center, and it's a lot of fun.

I'm so happy that they are getting a good education.

They come home after school, and I

make them a meal from the food we're given.

I can see their smiles, and how happy they are.

That means everything to me.

NARRATOR: At the Hope Center, we openly teach

children about Jesus Christ, and show them Superbook in Arabic.

I love Superbook, and the stories about Jesus.

I know that if you pray to Jesus,

he will take our burdens.

I prayed for my grandmother, who was very sick in the hospital,

and now she is completely healed.

NARRATOR: Orphan's Promise and Heart

for Lebanon also installed a fresh water system

for [INAUDIBLE] family so they never

have to worry about finding clean drinking water.

We are so grateful that you are supporting us

with the food and water.

And I'm excited about what my children are

learning at your school.

I want to thank Christians a lot for their prayers,

and for providing for our needs.

May God bless you and protect your families.

I want to thank all the people who

are helping us that I love you.

I love Heart for Lebanon, and Orphan's Promise so much.

And I want to thank them for doing

their best to take care of us.


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