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Offering a Cup of Cholera...

She had already lost one child to cholera, and yet her family was still drinking the same contaminated water. Why? Because it was the nearest source of water available—a 5-mile trek from Habiba’s village. She desperately needed someone to ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Habiba says the best part of her day

is cooking for her family, but to do

that she walked more than five miles

round trip to get water from a dirty river.


INTERPRETER: Of course, I don't want to go that far,

but it's the only source of water we have.

NARRATOR: Every time one of Habiba's children

got sick she panicked.

She was afraid the baby would die of cholera

like her first child did.


INTERPRETER: We all still drank that same water.

I remember playing with my sons one afternoon

and wondering what my life would be if I'd lost them too.

NARRATOR: When we heard about Habiba's family and all

the others with cholera our medical team

went to the village and treated everyone suffering

from waterborne infections.

We also dug a well in the center of their village.


INTERPRETER: Our children will not die of cholera anymore,

and the well is so close.

I don't have to walk far to enjoy this gift.

Thank you.

The water flushed away my tears and gave me hope.


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