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She Took God’s Challenge and Found Success!

When her employer relocated, Patti found herself out of a job and in debt. She was at the end of her rope, trying to balance her bills and finances when God gave her a specific challenge. See what happened next. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: In 2004, Patty was working for a software firm

when one day she learned they were relocating.

She quit her job and cut her expenses.

I walked this house at night, not knowing how am I going

to-- do I pay the electric bill, or do I pay the gas bill?

NARRATOR: While she lived on unemployment checks

and savings, she had to depend on credit

cards for emergencies.

Before long, she had $8,000 of credit card debt.

The furnace went, the hot water heater went,

the air conditioning went, and, of course, I was just

barely getting everything.

The only thing that really kept me going

was my belief in God, Christian television, and CBN.

NARRATOR: Patty often contacted CBN's prayer center.

I was just on my last leg, trying

to figure out how to get through,

how to take that next step.

When you start to feel down, you know

your prayers are hitting the ceiling, you call prayer line.

NARRATOR: At the time, Patty tithed to her church

on occasion and also gave to CBN.

She says, one day, God challenged

her to tithe faithfully and increase her pledge to CBN.

The voice was so clear.

And, of course, I'm white knuckling saying,

are you looking at my account?

How am I going to do this?

It was this needs to come first.

You've done this long enough, it's always

been on the tail end, this needs to be the first thing.

NARRATOR: Patty did what God told her.

Everything turned around for me,

and I got very, very blessed.

God doesn't need our money it's his anyway.

He doesn't need it, it's about obedience.

NARRATOR: Within a matter of months, she landed a new job.

Then, one year later, in 2007, a huge door

opened up for her to become a contract manager

for the Department of Defense.

You just don't walk into these positions,

like you just don't, and I did.

NARRATOR: And with overseas travel pay and promotions,

she doubled her salary.

I was able to pay off credit cards,

I was able to start financially building again,

to get myself squared away and start putting things back

in the bank.

NARRATOR: Now Patty loves that she can get

even more, especially to CBN.

The overseas evangelism, the orphanages,

feeding people, the food banks, I couldn't do all that.

But if I give to CBN I'm able to do that all over the world.

NARRATOR: Patty says giving consistently, especially

during challenging times, changed her finances

and her relationship with God.

I know that I'm giving something of greater good,

and I know that I'm giving something

for the kingdom, which I am so grateful to be a part of.


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