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Escaping an Abusive Mother

Yulya still remembers the humiliating cruelty at the hands of her mother. Her escape from abuse is an amazing story in itself. But seeing where Yulya is today will make your heart sing. Read Transcript

To 12-year-old Yuliya of Kyrgystan,

happiness is having a new home.

INTERPRETER: I have food, I have clothes, and I am loved.

But just three years ago, Yuliya was neglected and abused

by her alcoholic mother.

INTERPRETER: My mother didn't feed me.

She would scream at me, and then beat me.

Sometimes my punishment was to kneel

in the corner in the pile of salt.

When social workers in Kyrgyzstan

heard about the cruelty endured by Yuliya,

they placed her in a girls home supported

by CBN's Orphan's Promise.

Leah [INAUDIBLE], a caretaker in the home,

remembers when 9-year-old Yuliya arrived.

INTERPRETER: Yula came to us as a traumatized child.

Her eyes very, very sad, and she cried often.

But after several months, Yuliya wasn't crying any more.

INTERPRETER: The people in the home were so kind.

They cared for me.

As though I was their own child.

They introduced me to Jesus, he is my friend.

As Yuliya's relationship with Jesus grew stronger,

she asked him to fulfill the deepest desire of her heart.

INTERPRETER: I asked Jesus to send me a family of my own.

A mother and father, a brother, and even a dog.

In a nearby city, a young couple

who work with Orphan's Promise was praying to adopt a child.

When they visited Dayspring Girls Home,

they knew that child was Yuliya.

INTERPRETER: I had a feeling at once

that they wanted to adopt me, and then it happened.

Now Yuliya has everything she prayed for.

Loving parents, a baby brother, and her own dog.

INTERPRETER: My mom and dad are good and kind.

They love me.

We have played together, and they read the Bible to me.

INTERPRETER: Our prayers were answered too

when God gave us Yuliya.

INTERPRETER: We want Yuliya to know true joy,

and all the love and warmth our family can provide.

Thank you for making this possible.

INTERPRETER: Thank you for helping me

at the children's home, and for helping me find my new parents.

I have my own family now, and it's forever.

Thank you.


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