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Building a Successful Small Business

Barry and Juli have been in business for over 40 years. During that time, they have experience ups and downs in the economy, but their business has remained strong and sure. Learn what their secret is. Read Transcript

Barry Davenport is the owner of BH Davenport Electrical


Along with his wife Julie, they've

been in business for 37 years, and they've never once

had to advertise.

A success they credit to their lifestyle of giving.

I marvel at what God has done.

There's been no hardship at all.

It's been a blessing in life.

Everything that we do.

The Davenports have been giving since the 1970s,

after they learned about tithing from the 700 Club.

I especially remember Pat Robertson having talked

about the law of reciprocity.

The fact that we get back what we give.

If we're unselfish, we receive more.

A few years later, Barry opened a small business

and he quickly saw big returns.

So the Davenports continued to give,

and their income continue to grow.

And through the years, one of the ministries

they've been sure to support has been CBN.

It's great to have the opportunity

to be a part of what God's doing in the world.

That's the big thing, being a part of what

God is doing in the world.

I see so many different things, all over the world.

Different wells are put in different places,

provide fresh water.

We gave more and more, and we were blessed more and more.

But in 2012, Barry was seriously

hurt in a biking accident.

He couldn't work, and so his income stopped for four months.

Still, the Davenport's trusted God, continued to give,

and watched God take care of their needs.

God blessed us and provided a way

that we're able to continue.

When Barry returned to work, he landed 40 new contracts.

Today, business is better than before.

So now the Davenports encourage everyone

to trust God, and give as well.

Start off with just a little bit,

and you'll see how you get blessed back.

It just increases the blessings that you get from it.

We just get more love, more joy, more peace in return.

What have we got to lose, that's what I say.


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