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A Child Brings Them to Jesus...

Nine-year-old Rani was so moved when she saw Superbook’s “He Is Risen!” that she invited her Christian and Muslim friends to see how much Jesus loves them. Her parents were surprised—and amazed—at what happened after Rani’s Superbook ... Read Transcript

9-Year-old Ronnie loved Superbook from the first time

she saw it.

She was especially touched when her Sunday school

teacher showed the episode, He Has Risen.

INTERPRETER: When I saw Jesus get nailed to the cross,

I knew he died because He loves us.

I wanted my friends to notice too.

Ronnie decided to have a Superbook party at her house.

INTERPRETER: I asked her if she wanted

to invite her Muslim friends to come to our house

to watch the Superbook story.

She said yes.

She was so excited.

INTERPRETER: I prepared the invitations

and handed them out.

Some of them came to my house to watch Superbook with me.

At the end of the episode, some of Ronnie's Muslim cousins

and friends had questions.

INTERPRETER: When they saw Jesus being nailed to the cross,

they asked, Ronnie, who is that?

I said, that Jesus.

Then they asked, who is Jesus?

I said, Jesus is my God.

The God I worship.

He is kind and he loves us all.

INTERPRETER: I was watching the children

as you watched Superbook.

At the end Ronnie said, Jesus died

so our sins can be forgiven.

If you believe in Jesus, he will save you from your sins.

I think Ronnie is very brave.

I'm so proud of her.

Ronnie's friends and cousins wanted

to see more episodes of Superbook,

so she invited them to Sunday school.

Now five of them attend with her every week.

INTERPRETER: I'm very happy that my friends come

to church with me now.

I want them to know more about Jesus, and to love him.

I'm so thankful for Superbook.

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