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Bring It On-Line: - January 20, 2017

My husband cheated on me and does not want counseling. Should I stay with him or should I go? Will I go to hell if I don't give money to every homeless person that asks? Read Transcript

Well, a couple of minutes left.

Are ready to answer some questions?

Let's go for it.

This is Carolina, who says, I'm

ready to file for separation.

My husband cheated on me and he does not want counseling.

He also cheated a lot when we were just dating.

I realize I made a huge mistake marrying him.

Should I stay for my love and commitment to God

or should I go?

He said they did not have sex.

Is that adultery?

I no longer trust him.

We also have two sons.

Well, it's a tragedy.

It's a tragedy being played out thousands of times

in our country.

The sexual revolution and the infidelity that's there

is terrible.

Listen, that is a grounds for divorce

under what Jesus had to say.

And what you've got is an intolerable situation.

You have a philanderer as your husband.

But there was a former president who

was a philanderer and his wife stayed with him.

But I think in your case, you're probably better off

to finally get a settlement where you get your money,

you get looked after, and you get free.

Because this thing will way down on you and

it will tear you apart.

And your ego, your psyche, your inner being

will be damaged permanently.

So I think, get out of it.

This is Robert who says, Pat, I was recently

told by a homeless person that because I did not give him

any money in response to his request

that I was going to hell.

Am I going to hell if I do not give money

to every homeless person that asks?

I think that homeless person is closer to hell than you are.

I think he's a bum and he's trying to play on your sympathy

and extort money from you.

The ruses they use if you--

I've worked the streets of New York and I know how it is.

And what they'll do, they will lie to you.

They'll tell you all this stuff and what they want.

One of them will lie, I want to go across to Staten Island.

I need some money.

OK, look.

I hear you want food.

Let's go, I'll take you to the automat,

and I'll buy you lunch.

You're gonna do what?


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