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Dancing in the Silence

Yatong loves to dance, but in her deafness, she could only imagine the music. Her hardworking parents worked multiple jobs to buy a cochlear implant to improve her hearing. But Yatong still needed speech training and a hearing aid. Would she ... ... Read Transcript

Every time Yatong saw someone dancing, she had to join in.

INTERPRETER: Her eyes got wide and sparkly.

She smiled and laughed as she danced along.

But sadly, this little dancer couldn't even

hear her own laughter or the music she danced

to, because she was deaf.

INTERPRETER: When other kids were talking,

Ya Tong didn't even babble.

I got a doctor to examine her ears,

but didn't think that he would say she would never

hear a single sound.

You don't understand.

My child would never speak.

There would be no way she would find a job or get married.

A doctor said a cochlear implant might help.

But the Yus are poor peanut farmers who only make about $65

a month.

So Mrs. Yu got a second job at a factory.

And finally, Yatong got a cochlear implant.

While it helped her to hear the music she danced to,

she still couldn't speak.

INTERPRETER: She just pointed to what

she wanted to eat or drink.

Pretty soon, everyone started gossiping about Yatong

and saying she was a mute.

Yatong needed specialized speech therapy

and a hearing aid for her other ear for her treatment

to be complete.

INTERPRETER: I feel so sorry for my daughter.

She would never speak, and we couldn't

do anything else for her.

We spent everything already, and no one would lend us money.

When CBN heard about Yatong, we

gave her the hearing aid she needed and we sent her

to speech school.

INTERPRETER: Now, she can communicate with other people.

INTERPRETER: I love my mom and dad.

INTERPRETER: It's like the gates of the universe

have swung open, and a world of opportunity

is a available to her now.

And it's because of your help.

Blessings on everyone who helped us.

You got us out of very difficult times

and brought sunshine into our family.

I hope that more caring people will partner with CBN

to help other poor people like us.


I love you.


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