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No Food to Bring for the Hungry

When her class was asked to bring food for the poor, Mirian was ashamed. Her family had no food to spare, and she would often go without meals. See what happens when the teacher realizes that Mirian is among the hungry ones. Read Transcript

Miriam teacher had asked her students

to bring some food items to class to help families in need.

When it came time for Miriam to contribute,

she slipped out of her chair.

I hid under the desk because I didn't bring anything.

She knew we didn't have food at home.

NARRATOR: For the past two years,

Shayla has been raising four kids on her own.

Food became scarce after her husband left them.

Sometimes a small fish was all the protein

the family would have for an entire week.

Sometimes there's just no food and we don't eat.

NARRATOR: Shayla sold watermelon slices

when she could afford to buy them.

She never stopped looking for ways to feed her family

and pay the bills.

I pray all the time, Lord, bend down and hear my cry.

I ask God not to forsake me when I need him the most.

NARRATOR: Operation Blessing met Miriam at an anti parasite

campaign at her school.

We then met Miriam's mom and offered to help.

Shayla was surprised when we showed her what we'd

set up in front of her home.

Within moments, women were stopping to buy.

It turns out that Shayla is the only one selling meat, fish,

and fresh vegetables in her entire neighborhood.

I thank God my business is starting well,

and I am already thinking how I can

make it grow to meet the needs of my children.

NARRATOR: We had one more surprise

for the family, a food basket, which we presented to Miriam.

Thank you, Operation Blessing, for helping me and my family.


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