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He Caught Malaria on a Soccer Field

Elijah’s favorite soccer field became a dumping ground for community garbage, and malaria came with the territory. He survived with the aid of friends like you, but something still needed to be done to make this town in Nigeria a better place ... Read Transcript


NARRATOR: Elijah loves to play soccer with his friends

in an open field he calls his favorite spot,

but the field was getting smaller every day

because it was also the community garbage dump.

The whole place smelled because of all poverty

food people threw away there.

Like many communities in Africa,

if there's open space here, it's littered with garbage.

And this is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, flies, rats,

and all the diseases that they carry.

You take care of this, and you solve a lot of problems.

NARRATOR: Elijah got bitten by a mosquito that

was carrying the malaria virus.

One morning, he woke up with a fever so severe

he started having seizures.


Seeing my son shake like that, I was terrified.

I kept calling his name, but his eyes were shut

and he didn't respond to my voice at all.

NARRATOR: His mother ran with him

to a CBN clinic near their home.

He was diagnosed with advanced malaria,

so we gave Elijah the medication he needed.

And within just one day, he was well on the road to recovery.

We also took the family food and got

Elijah's mom enrolled in our sewing classes

so she can earn some extra money.

Finally, we rounded up CBN staff, partners,

and local volunteers to clean up the garbage

so no one else gets sick.

I've heard about CBN helping people,

but I never knew that some day CBN

will help my son and our whole family and community.

How can I ever thank you enough?

You have truly changed our lives.



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