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Neck Deep in Dirty Water

It’s no place for a pregnant mother. But Lilia had to spend up to 8 hours a day tending her nets in dirty river water to feed her son and grandson. Sometimes she didn’t catch enough to feed them. If only she had a boat. She prayed for her ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Every day, even when she was pregnant,

Lilia waded into the river near her home to fish.


INTERPRETER: Some days I was more

afraid to get into the water, because you

can't see below the surface.

NARRATOR: Lilia spent most days neck deep in the water,

setting her nets near the shore.

Here the fish are smaller.

Some days she caught nothing at all, so she and her children

went hungry.


INTERPRETER: They said, mommy, I want bread.

I didn't know what to do.

I cried.

I said we will eat bread tomorrow.

NARRATOR: Most people on the Amazon here in Peru

fish with a boat, but Lilia didn't have that option.

Her ex took the boat when he abandoned her.

INTERPRETER: I owed money to some people.

When they came looking for me, I even

thought about killing myself.

NARRATOR: That's when Lilia went back to church.

She hadn't gone there for years.

INTERPRETER: I knelt down and prayed, Lord, forgive me.

I felt like a weight lifted from me.

NARRATOR: Soon, Lilia met someone

from Operation Blessing.

After learning about her needs, we hired a local craftsman

to build her a boat.


INTERPRETER: When they put the boat in the river,

I couldn't stop thinking, is this really my boat?

My mom said, yes, it's your boat.

Thanks to Operation Blessing, we are well.


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