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Are You Making the Best Use of Your Money?

Fun. Exciting. Adventure. These are three words Becky uses to describe managing her money. What words do you use? You can win with your finances like Becky. Find out her secret. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Becky Harmon is a pioneer in the field

of home staging and redesign.

She's learned that when you do what

you love, work hard, and give generously,

God takes care of the rest.

BECKY: He will give you a sense, a desire, a stirring,

and if you take one step towards what God is leading you to,

He will show you the next step.

NARRATOR: After becoming Christians early

in their marriage, Becky and her husband Chip

began to learn what the Bible says about finances.

BECKY: We learned about giving just from our church,

from studying the Bible, and from hearing teachings on CBN.

I felt like CBN was a friend.

It was sound and wise.

And Pat Robertson just instilled a sense of confidence.

NARRATOR: They began tithing regularly to their church

and giving to CBN.

BECKY: And I remember hearing a lesson about God

doing the 100-fold return.

It was six months later.

I had an idea for a crazy business,

and it was a balloon bouquet delivery business in the day

before anybody was doing that.

NARRATOR: The business was an instant success.

BECKY: Our tax person came to me and said,

you girls made almost exactly $50,000 your first year.

And then it came back to me that that

was the return of the $500 hundred-fold return.

NARRATOR: Becky later sold her business for a profit.

Soon after, a real estate agent asked

Becky to stage a house that had been on the market for months.

She agreed.

It sold within days.

BECKY: It was just an immediate success,

and we've increased in income about 30% a year.

God just keeps growing it and blessing it.

NARRATOR: Becky says obeying God is

the key to a successful life.

BECKY: We don't have to ask the question,

should we give to God this week because it's

a blessing to do that.

God always finds creative ways to bring it back to you.

It's fun.

It's exciting.

It's an adventure.


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