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Imagine Never Missing a Payment

Sonja believes one main decision got her from unemployed, to substitute teacher, to professor. She always had enough work and never missed a bill. Learn her secret. Read Transcript

When I went to church and the plate came around,

I put all my change in the basket.

I had been taught that this is a way of worshipping God.

This is the way of saying, I love you.

NARRATOR: Growing up, Sonya Johnson

gave whenever she could afford to.

Then, in her 20's, she joined a church

that challenged her to tithe 10% consistently.

At that point, she was working part time,

getting ready to graduate, and still

hadn't found a full time teaching job.

SONYA JOHNSON (VOICEOVER): I was making $14,000 a year in 1984.

And I said, OK, I'm going to trust you Lord at your word.

God says in Malachi 3:10, "put me to the test,

and see if I will not open up the windows of heaven

and show you a blessing, where you will have room enough

to receive it."

NARRATOR: A couple of weeks later, she

landed a teaching position in the New York City Public School


From then on, she tithed faithfully,

and in 2009, decided to give more and joined The 700 Club.

I know that I am giving into good ground.

People are prospering.

They are getting healed.

They are getting blessed.

People are getting operations.

Wells are being dug.

So the idea that I can do something

like that, it's icing on the cake.

NARRATOR: In 2012, Sonya began pursuing her master's degree

to meet the new state requirements for teachers.

Then, a year later, she got an interview

with a community college for a position

as a college professor, and was hired on the spot.

I know the power of God's provision.

NARRATOR: Sonya graduated with a master's in teaching literacy

the following year.

Since then, she has increased her giving to CBN,

becoming a member of the 2,500 Club.

And today, Sonya is retired and living in her newly-built dream


SONYA JOHNSON (VOICEOVER): I own the floors,

the walls, the ceiling.

It's such a joy.

This is the house that God built.

NARRATOR: She believes that through giving and tithing,

God has enabled her to thrive.


I know the law of giving, I know the law of sowing.

So to tithe for me, is a privilege.

I never paid a tithe, I gave a tithe.



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