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Mother Cries for Two Sons

First Pasha, then Vitya—two brothers born with the same debilitating deformity—cleft lip and palate. Their mother, Kristina, is the sole caregiver for her five children. She weeps for her sons and their future knowing she can’t afford ... ... Read Transcript


NARRATOR: Christina is a hard-working single mother who

lives in southeastern Ukraine.

Several years ago she became the sole caretaker

of her five children, when her husband abandoned them.

Two of Christina's children are disabled.

Eight-year-old Pasha was born with a severe cleft

lip and palate.


INTERPRETER: He knows that he's different,

and it causes him great pain.

He didn't want to go to school because food poured out

of his mouth when he ate.

Other children pointed fingers at him and laughed.

I suffer because he suffers.

NARRATOR: Then the family endured another setback.

Christina gave birth to a baby with the same condition

as Pasha.

INTERPRETER: I was shocked.

I said, why is this happening to me,

when I love my children so much?

NARRATOR: As Vitia grew, he seemed

to struggle with his disability even more

than his older brother.

He heard there was a surgery to correct his lip,

and he often asked for it.

INTERPRETER: You see, food just so-- it right here.

Then my food would not come out anymore.


INTERPRETER: I thought about it all the time,

and would have dreams about it, that my kids would never

get the operation.

I was afraid that they would blame me because, for so long,

I can not give them the surgery.

NARRATOR: Then Christina learned that CBN and Orphan's Promise

provide help for families in need.

She applied for assistance.

We decided quickly to pay the full cost of corrective surgery

for Pasha and Vitia.

Last spring the surgeries were performed,

and the boys couldn't wait to show off their new smiles.

INTERPRETER: My lip became normal.

INTERPRETER: Because I am handsome now.

INTERPRETER: They both speak clearly now,

and they can eat normally.

They play with other children, and aren't teased.

They have lots of friends.

I have peace and happiness because they are happy.

Thank you for helping my children.

INTERPRETER: Thank you for fixing my lips.


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