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Empty Pots. Empty Stomachs.

A back injury kept Jorge’s dad from working. Jorge tried to put food on the table by raising chickens. When the stove pots were empty, Jorge offered his last two birds to feed the family. See his father’s tearful reaction to this act of ... ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Not long ago, Jorge's dad

injured his back in a motorcycle accident in El Salvador.

TONY: The pain was terrible.

It kept me from working for a long time.

NARRATOR: Tony is a father of three.

Providing for his wife and children

had always been his priority until the accident.

It's hard because you expect to support your kids,

expect to meet their needs.

It's not easy.

It's not easy.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, eight-year-old Jorge

did what he could to help by taking care of a few chickens.

He seemed to have a knack for it.

Soon the medical bills exhausted the family's savings

and their debt increased.

One day Jorge went from pot to pot

looking to see what was for dinner,

but all the pots were empty.

That's when you remembered a saying that his dad taught him.

JORGE: Everyone on the bed, or everyone on the floor.

It means we all eat or none of us eat.

So we went hungry.

NARRATOR: That's when Operation Blessing learned

about the family's needs.

We provided Tony with a new business selling fresh coconut


With the first load of coconuts and a bicycle

cart we built for him, he earned over $100.

He now earns nearly $200 a week running the business.

Then we gave Jorge 50 chickens to start a poultry business.

When Operation Blessing gave us the chicken business,

I went out and collected the eggs and Mom

helped me to sell them.

Then I bought more chickens.

NARRATOR: Jorge has raised and sold hundreds of chickens

over the past year.

I gave all the money to Mom.

NARRATOR: Jorge has even thought about why this

has happened to his family.

I think maybe God was testing us.

After we passed, he sent us the help we need.

Thank God you came to help us.


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