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Salary Increases, Bonuses, Clients – One Woman’s Path to Success

When you can hardly pay your bills, it’s hard to imagine ever having enough money to help someone else. Jaseth’s dream had always been to make a difference in the world. Then she found a path to financial success. See what she did and how ... Read Transcript

Jaseth Bassaragh grew up in a poor family in Jamaica.

Early on she decided her life would be different.

But as a Christian Jaseth's goal wasn't to make money

to spend on herself.

It was to help others.

I felt I would affect the world, one person at a time

starting with my family.

Jaseth made good on that promise.

She earned a degree and became a commercial lawyer.

And while it was challenging to pay her own bills,

she also took care of her mother and began

saving money to put her two nieces through college.

So can you imagine having to pay the mortgage,

and the utilities, and transportation, and food,

take care of my mother, and my nieces.

She knew she needed something to change with her finances.

Then one day while watching Christian television she

was introduced to tithing, a principle

she'd never learned about in church.

I was like if it's so hard to pay the bills,

how the heck am I going to do that?

After doing some research on what

the Bible says about tithing, she

decided she'd test God herself.

It made sense, because if you go to bed every day

and you don't know if you're going to wake up,

it's like you trust God.

So if he's able to wake you up every morning,

and if he is able to give you ideas,

wouldn't he be able to also make provision for you?

Jaseth started tithing and soon saw the results.

All of a sudden you have new clients.

All of a sudden people are referring business to you.

All of a sudden people know who you are.

And if I had stopped tithing, I would

have been at a disadvantage.

As Jaseth continued to tithe, she

received salary increases and bonuses.

One employer even gave her a car.

She was able to buy a home, put her nieces all

the way through college, and open a second law

office in New York.

She still wanted to give more.

She recently doubled her giving at church

and also became a CBN partner.

I saw where they were going in these remote villages in Africa

in different places, and I felt a tug

on my heart to contribute.

I can't go to these places, but you guys do.

And I'm just passionate about helping the poor.

Now a lawyer, real estate broker,

and personal financial planner, Jaseth

teaches others her secret to financial success.

I have to tell people to tithe.

But if you're not tithing, you don't even

have a leg to stand on.

It's just faith and trust and confidence in God

and putting God to the test.


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