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Get Rid of That Baby!

Her mom didn’t know she was pregnant. Her aunt advised her not to have the baby. Without any skills, this young mother-to-be in Thailand faced a sad and bleak future. Follow her steps and marvel at what God did for her—thanks to friends like you! Read Transcript

When 20-year-old Mint looks into her baby's eyes,

she can't help but smile.

When I wake up in the morning, I look at him.

We smile at each other, then we kiss.

I am so happy.

Mint has been keeping track of Kin's growth

this past year with photos and videos.

But all of this almost never happened

because an aunt pressured her to get an abortion.

I was so scared.

My parents didn't know I was pregnant.

I didn't even think about raising a child at that point.

Then Mint met some people from a ministry supported

by CBN's Orphan's Promise.

We provided her with a place to live

and helped her decide to keep her baby.

The house mom there became like a mother to me.

When I had problems, I could talk to her.

She loved me like a daughter too.

Thanks to the support and love she received there,

Mint prayed to become a Christian

and decided to raise her son.

I decided to believe in Jesus.

He is real and He will help me.

To help Mint support herself as a single mom,

Orphan's Promise taught her how to sew.

Mint's training turned into a business

when we gave her a new sewing machine.

Now I make clothes using the sewing machine,

and I also repair torn clothing as part of the business.

I now have money to feed and take care of both of us.

Recently Mint was able to move into a place of her own.

My life is better now.

I have a job, and I can take care of myself and Kin.

Thank you Orphan's Promise for helping

me to do work that I love.

And thanks for letting me have more time with my son.


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