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No Safety in a Plastic House

Roxana’s husband died trying to rescue a fellow fisherman. Without an income, she lost her house and struggled to support her daughter. They lived in fear because her makeshift house wasn’t safe from intruders. Did anyone care? Would anyone ... Read Transcript

After her husband died in these coastal waters

of El Salvador, Roxana and her daughter struggled to survive.

With no income, they lost their home.

Roxana was forced to move into this house wrapped

with plastic.

INTERPRETER: That place was not secure for us.

One night, a man tried to come in while we were sleeping.

Roxana grew desperate to keep her daughter safe.

INTERPRETER: I told my daughter not to cry.

That we will find a better house.

INTERPRETER: I asked God to help my mama not to be sad.

Roxana moved in temporarily with her mom,

but space was cramped.

Roxana had to leave Diana each morning

to sell fish to provide for their needs.

INTERPRETER: This is a tough business.

Most days sales were not good.

When Operation Blessing learned

about Roxana and her daughter, we built them a new house.

INTERPRETER: I feel very happy and grateful.

The house is so pretty.

Then we gave Roxana what she needed

to set up this convenience store in front of her new home.

Now she doesn't have to leave her daughter for long hours

to sell fish.

INTERPRETER: The grocery store, it is such a great blessing.

It has brought us out of great need.

INTERPRETER: I thank Operation Blessing giving us

this precious house.


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