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Selling Potatoes Was Killing Her

For years Grandma Su climbed a steep hill to sell potatoes at a tourist attraction in China. Now she was raising her orphaned granddaughter. On a good day she made $4, and didn’t think she could last much longer. When she fell deathly ill, ... ... Read Transcript

When Jia-Li's father died and her mother abandoned her,

Grandma Su set out to provide Jia-Li with the best life she


I wanted Jia-Li to go to school.

I didn't want her to suffer like me.

For years she sold potatoes at a tourist attraction

on the top of a mountain.

Sometimes Jia-Li went too.

It took almost an hour to get there

and grandma got weaker every day.

The long walk hurt her back and her legs.

It was a good day if they made $4.

Many times I did not sell even one potato

and I'd wake up in the middle of the night worrying

that the next day would be the same.

At this rate Jia-Li couldn't stay in school or eat

a balanced diet.

I felt guilty.

She got dizzy a lot.

I didn't have money to bring her to the doctor

or get her medicine.

It was so stressful that I wanted to commit suicide,

but I knew if I did my granddaughter would

suffer even more.

Meanwhile, Jia-Li worried about her grandmother,

especially after they got caught in a bad rainstorm on the way

to work.

We were shivering like two drenched sheep.

We sold potatoes anyway, but grandma got really sick.

She was in bed and couldn't walk.

They didn't have enough firewood to keep the house warm

and couldn't afford coal.

So Grandma Su got worse.

I was afraid she would die.

What would I do without her?

Grandma Su is a Christian so she

asked God to heal her and improve her life.

Soon she recovered and met a representative from CBN.

We paid for some of Jia-Li's school fees

and provided her with nutritious food.

We stocked their home with coal so they'd

be warm in the winter.

And we helped Grandma Su start a livestock business.

CBN bought cows for us so we can breed them and sell them

for money.

Now my grandpa won't have to carry heavy things on her back.

Jia-Li will be able to finish school.

I'm moved that God will love me so much that he would bring you

nice people from so far away to help me.

Words cannot express my happiness.


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