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$1 a Day Won’t Buy Surgery

Little Paska was born with cleft lip and palate. Her mom blamed herself for her child’s deformity, but she and her husband together earn only $1 a day and had no hope for surgery. Would Paska have to live all of her life struggling with her ... Read Transcript

Lina's first instinct as a mother

was to blame herself when her daughter was

born with a cleft palate.

I thought it was something I did wrong.

A sin in my past that caused this.

Lina watched helplessly as her daughter Paska

tried to eat and drink.

Every time Paska drank milk, she choked on it

and it came out of her nose.

Then the toddler figured out that by putting

three fingers in her mouth to block her cleft palate,

she could keep from choking while she drank.

Meanwhile Paska's parents tried to save for surgery,

but together they earn only a dollar a day.

Then someone told them about CBN.

We arranged for Paska to receive the surgery for free.

A few months later, we went back for a visit.

The first time I saw her after the operation,

I am so happy and grateful.

Her lips are beautiful.


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