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“Even the Air Conditioner Melted!”

Their entire community in Haifa, Israel was engulfed by a raging wildfire. Nili Keren’s family was among the 70,000 residents who evacuated. When they returned, everything was ashes. Through their tears they saw someone coming to help. Watch ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: When strong winds and extremely dry conditions

caused a wildfire to spread across Haifa, Israel,

Nili Karen didn't know if she and her four children

would survive.

With cloths on our face for two hours,

we ran outside the neighborhood.

Every neighborhood was on fire.

NARRATOR: More than 70,000 people

were forced to evacuate Haifa.

Nearly 500 homes were damaged, or completely destroyed.

Next morning I came here, and I saw everything had died.

Started to cry.

The whole living room, the whole patio was burnt.

Air conditioner was melted, the furniture melted.

The whole room, everything was black.

I cannot even tell you how it was so sad.

NARRATOR: Just a few hours after the fire was put out,

Operation Blessing Israel was on the ground in Haifa

with blankets, shoes, and food.

That's when Operation Blessing director, Diego Traverso,

met Nili.

We found this family, and they lost pretty much everything.

And they don't have insurance, so we're here assisting them.

We've brought mattresses, some furniture.

We brought kitchen supplies-- everything

that they need now while they're renting a new place.

And it is a very, very exciting.

It's not small, because for us it's very big,

that, you know they're thinking about you, want to help you,

and for us it's a lot.

Big, big thank you for all the people who give.

I know one day I want to give to you the same things,

to other people.

God sent you to me.


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