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Prosperous Living on a Small Salary

Shannon found it nearly impossible to pay the bills as a substitute teacher and single mom. When friends were having fun, she couldn’t afford to go out. See what she did that really turned things around and brought her into financial abundance. Read Transcript

Shannon Dean Dean of Casper, Wyoming

has worked in education for nearly 20 years.

And the most important lesson she loves to share

is the importance of giving.

I learned about tithing from watching

my grandparents and my mom.

She tithed faithfully.

Shannon's commitment to tithing

was tested when she became a single mom.

Her small salary as a substitute teacher

made it nearly impossible to pay the bills.

I thought, oh, it could be so easy just

to not tithe because I really need the money.

And the lowest point was having to tell

other people we couldn't do things with them because we

didn't have the money.

It was very humiliating.

One source of encouragement during this time

was the 700 Club.

I would watch Pat Robertson and it would

encourage me to keep tithing.

I just kept trusting the Lord and he always provided.

Soon, Shannon's temporary teaching job

became a permanent one.

And as her income increased, so did her giving.

She became a CBN partner.

I really felt that I needed to tithe

to CBN because my grandmother and my uncle

had come to know the Lord.

And they have both passed on now and I

know they're in heaven because of this show.

And that touched my heart.

So I just knew I needed to give back.

Just one year after she became a partner,

Shannon received an inheritance from her great uncle.

Shannon wanted to honor his legacy.

So she doubled her pledge to CBN.

And then doubled it again.

I kept wanting to get to the highest.

There was something competitive in me.

I wanted to get to that top level.

He'd have the telethons and I'd be watching him.

And I'm like, I think I can give more.

So every time he'd have a telethon I'm like,

I think I can get a little more this year.

Today, Shannon is a Chairman Circle member.

Now, when Shannon teaches about giving,

she tells others that it's helped her

in her life in more ways than one.

If you trust him with your money

and trust him with your heart, your whole life

will just change.

It will be remarkable.


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