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Paralysis and Death Ahead!

DongXu wished he could trade his wheelchair for a bicycle and race through town. But it was the impossible dream of a boy who couldn’t walk or hold his head up without a brace. Doctors said he would become paralyzed and die without surgery. ... Read Transcript

REPORTER: Every time Dong Xu saw a bicycle,

he pictured himself on it, racing through the streets

of his town.

It was a far-fetched dream for a boy who couldn't walk or hold

his head up without a brace.

INTERPRETER: He had a bacteria that moved throughout his body

and infected his bones.

He got fevers every afternoon and always cried out

in the middle of the night.

I couldn't move.

Every day, I thought, when will I be better?

When will I be able to go to school and run?

When will I be able to ride a bike?

REPORTER: By the time he was four,

two sections of Dong Xu's spine had

deteriorated by the infection.

Doctors said without treatment and surgery,

he'd become permanently paralyzed and die.

INTERPRETER: Sometimes he got really bad headaches

and would beat his bed with his fists.

He fell down all the time and could not even

sit up to eat or drink.

But he was always such a positive and brave boy.

He helped me to be brave, too.

REPORTER: Mr. Yang worked hard, sold land, and borrowed money,

but could never afford surgery.

INTERPRETER: I still believed one day I'd be OK.

I begged the Lord, please do this favor for our son

and I will praise you forever.

REPORTER: Soon a friend told the Yangs about CBN.

We arranged treatments to get rid

of the toxic bacteria in Dong Xu's body.

We also set up and paid for surgery to fix his spine.

INTERPRETER: I could feel God's love through you.

I'm grateful beyond expression.

The day I was able to stand up straight

was my happiest day of my life.

I am healed.

Because of this, now I believe, like my wife, that God is real.

It's a miracle.

REPORTER: And now dong shoe can race through town,

like he always wanted to, on a brand new bicycle also given

to him by CBN.

INTERPRETER: I feel like I'm flying.

You made my dream come true.


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