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Escape the Cycle of Paycheck to Paycheck Living

Gary and Debra couldn't get on top of their financial struggles. They finally learned an important lesson and took action that changed their lives. Find out what they did and how they've been set free. Read Transcript

Our finances were just enough to get us

to the end of the month.

There wasn't a whole lot of money to put into savings.

Matter of fact, I'm not sure there was any money

to put in savings.

NARRATOR: Gary and Deborah if you were living paycheck

to paycheck, until one Sunday morning when

they heard three separate messages about one topic,


It's one of those things where, OK, God, he told me once.

He told me twice.

He told me three times.

I think maybe I better be listening.

There was no room in black and white

in the math to take out 10%.

NARRATOR: The couple prayed about it, then decided to give.

And at the end of the first month,

something amazing happened.

We had money left over.

And I was like, OK, God, I get it.

You're going to take care of us.

We went from 100% with no savings to living off of 90%,

and God stretch that 90% to allow us to start saving.

From then on, we just kept writing that check first thing.

NARRATOR: The Pews say that the lesson they learned

that prepared them for their next adventure,

when they moved across the state to start a health club.

God laid on my heart to open a business.

And so we loaded my young family up and came to West Texas.

We didn't have a place to live.

We didn't have jobs just to pick up and move.

So that was scary.

NARRATOR: They soon discovered that Deborah was pregnant,

but they had no insurance.

Their new business never took off.

So they searched for other sources of income.

It was a tremendous season of challenge for us.

We had to use a credit card for our medical bills.

And I began substitute teaching.

Deborah had been selling health supplements.

And so that was an income for us.

And then she got a job at Gold's Gym in Amarillo.

We were still tithing.

We were still being faithful.

We were so trusting in God.

We knew that God brought us here.

He's going to provide for us.

And I don't think we could have had

that faith if we hadn't seen that when we started tithing.

It all goes back to that leap of faith.

NARRATOR: Gary and Deborah say that God

bless their faithfulness.

We'd be at the end of the month

and there would be nothing.

And all of a sudden, somebody would literally

would mail us a check.

They owed some money for some health supplements or Deborah


And we'd would just both look at each other

and say thank you God.

Because that was literally a God thing.

NARRATOR: Soon Gary was offered a job

as a high school principal.

Deborah continued selling supplements

and doing personal training.

In 2009, they decided to become CBN partners.

And Deborah noticed an immediate change in her business.

The more I gave to CBN, the more customers

just came knocking on my door.

And I was not advertising.

So I knew it was God.

And then I knew-- and that confirmed that, OK, you want

me to give my money to CBN.

NARRATOR: Business got even better a few months later,

when Deborah was offered a job teaching senior fitness


It doubled and tripled by the end of the year.

Gary also got a raise at his job,

and the extra income allowed them to pay off their debt.

We're down to our house payment.

This will be paid off in four years.

And we got one car payment.

So we're getting close.

NARRATOR: Gary and Deborah want others

to know that giving has changed more than just their finances.

It's a leap of faith, but it's a wonderful leap of faith.

The blessings that God has are just incredible.


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