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A Hungry Princess

Four-year-old Princess was always hungry, but she never was able to fill her tummy with nourishing food. Her grandparents who raised her wanted Princess to have a good life. When a typhoon wiped out their livelihood, the little one’s health ... Read Transcript

Ray and Gemma have one dream, to give their four-year-old

granddaughter a better life.

Princess was three months old when her mother abandoned her.

I love it here with Grandma and GRANDPA.

Rain or shine, Grandpa Ray worked

hard to provide for his family's needs.

But then a typhoon destroyed their coconut trees

and the rice he planted.

It was hard.

I borrowed rice plants from other farmers.

I promised them half of my harvest.

We didn't have enough food to survive til the next harvest.

So Grandpa worked other jobs to pay the modest fees

for Princess To attend school.

When their money ran out, Grandma

had to buy food on credit.

And when Princess got sick, they had

to borrow money for medicine.

When I have a high fever, I shiver a lot.

Grandma takes care of me.

One day Princess went to a feeding program sponsored

by CBN's Orphan's Promise.

For the first time in a long time,

Princess ate a healthy lunch with lots of fresh vegetables.

The fruit is my favorite.

It taste good.

She's always excited to go for lunch at the center.

I'm so happy she's eating fruits and vegetables.

She hasn't gotten sick ever since.

We then trained Grandma and helped

her start a business to increase the family's income.

I started the food vending business.

I kept adding items to the menu.

And my food always sells out.

Thank you CBN.


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