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Child’s Prayer Gets Amazing Results

Veronica loves her parents, and she loves Jesus. When her dad got sick and couldn’t work, she desperately wanted God to help them. Then something she saw in school supercharged her faith. Watch what happened when the children of Guatemala ... ... Read Transcript

REPORTER: On the outskirts of Guatemala City,

Alioto is known as the poorest slum in all of Central America.

But at the grade school there, a new Superbook curriculum

is bringing hope to children like Veronica.

Like her parents, Veronica is a Christian.

INTERPRETER: I feel it is important to me, my mom and dad

teach me a lot of things about the Bible.

REPORTER: Her dad Raphael sells fruit,

pushing a worn-out tricycle through the streets

of Guatemala City.

Sometimes Veronica's mom helps him.

Each month they earn $250.

They were barely getting by when Raphael got sick.

INTERPRETER: I started to feel pain all through my body.

I had a terrible headache and pain in my bones.

I spent three days laying in my bed.

I felt so alone, and I asked God, what can I do?

I couldn't stand to see my husband suffering,

but I didn't even have enough money to write one bill.

REPORTER: Around that time, Veronica

watched a Superbook episode that taught her

about prayer and trusting God.

INTERPRETER: I prayed for my family

and asked God to help us.

It worries me that my parents don't have any money.

REPORTER: God answered Veronica's prayer.

First, her father fully recovered.

Then we got Raphael set up with a bigger, better cart,

so he can sell twice as much every day.

INTERPRETER: I thank God for this help.

This cart is so pretty, and so big.

I can give very good service to my clients now.

And because of this, my income has risen a lot.

REPORTER: Veronica and her family

say the blessing began with a single episode of Superbook.

INTERPRETER: That one episode help her to grow spiritually.

Now she prays more, reads the Bible, and talks to her friends

about God.

So many good things happened after I watched Superbook.

It taught me to have more faith.

I prayed for my dad.

Now he feels better and we have food.

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