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Your Financial Answer Could be on the Way

Mark and Susan were literally down to a jar of coins for paying their bills when they decided to commit to an investment that took them from poverty to prosperity… even before they did anything with the money! Watch their story. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Mark and Sue remember the early years

of their marriage.

Living in Colorado, they couldn't find full time work

and had to rely on temp jobs to get by.

We were doing really, really poorly as far

as being able to pay the bills.

NARRATOR: Then one night, Mark heard a message from a preacher

on television.

He was teaching about tithing, and I really

felt the Spirit of the Lord convicting me

that this is something to do in obedience to him.

NARRATOR: Sue, on the other hand, wasn't so sure.

You know, why would I tithe when we don't even

have any money?

NARRATOR: The only money they had was the loose change

they kept in a jar.

They prayed about it and although Sue was still

frustrated and worried, she agreed.

I took the jar of change, dumped it out,

and began counting it.

NARRATOR: That's all we had left to buy

some bread and groceries, and that's what

we were going to tithe out of.

NARRATOR: They were still counting out the change

when Mark took a phone call.

NARRATOR: After I hung up the phone, I went in, I said, Sue.

You're not going to believe this.

That was a job offer, and I start tomorrow morning.

And she just looked at me like what?

NARRATOR: It was a full time position

that more than covered their expenses,

and launched Mark into a career in IT.

SUE: That just pretty much settled it for me

as far as tithing.

I got the concept from God right there.

Even before we actually tithed--

we had just made the commitment-- the Lord again

showed, yes, this is exactly where your heart needs to be.

And you need to trust me.

NARRATOR: Mark and Sue have been tithing ever since,

no matter what the challenges.

And God has always been faithful.

Mark still enjoys his successful career in IT

that has landed the couple in Anchorage, Alaska.

As we surrender more and more to him, and tithing is,

I think, a beginning part of that, that he rewards.

NARRATOR: They also support CBN.

Sue loves how Operation Blessing provides clean drinking water

to desperate people around the world.

How many children's lives were spared because they

drank healthy water?

So that really, really meant a lot to me.

NARRATOR: Mark says their faith has grown as they've

trusted God through tithing.

Tithing is teaching us to trust him.

That he is faithful.

That he is God.

What we think of as money, it's all his.

And he says, test him in this.

See if I don't pour out blessings upon you.

And he has with us.


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