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Motorcycle Accident Victim Knows How She Survived

As Pat Robertson's assistant, GG heard her share of miraculous stories of God's protection. So when she faced death after a motorcycle accident, she and her husband knew there was only one reason she survived. Read Transcript

GG CONKLIN: OK, great.

I'll call and confirm.

Thank you.

REPORTER: As Pat Robertson's personal assistant,

GG Conklin has heard many stories of God's protection.

Now she has a story of her own.

On May 1, 2010, GG and her husband,

Chuck, were out for a motorcycle ride

in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

We pulled out onto this beautiful section of the road.

I usually lead the way.

But this time she went ahead of me.

REPORTER: Unknown to either of them,

the windshield on GG's bike was defective.

And at 70 MPH, it shattered.


So I glanced over into the rear view mirror

and realized that I had a gash in my forehead

obviously right down to the bone.

All of this blood from the injuries on my face

were suddenly coming down into my face,

and it was like looking through an opaque piece of red silk.

I couldn't see anything.

REPORTER: Amazingly, GG didn't crash.

I aimed for where I thought I was heading to.

The bike just floated.

I was on the bike, and we floated.

REPORTER: GG stopped on the shoulder

as Chuck pulled off ahead of her.

CHUCK: I turned back to her to talk to her,

and that's when I realized there was a problem.

I grabbed her phone and called 9-1-1.

And I started praying.

And I did-- I had that feeling of am I going to die?

And as soon as I said that, that went away.

And I had this sense of overwhelming peace.

And I had that assurance that, no, this might be OK.

REPORTER: EMS Noel Falcon responded to the call.

I noticed that there was some arterial bleed coming

from her forehead.

I needed to get her to the hospital as fast as I could.

REPORTER: GG was rushed to Albemarle Hospital where

doctors worked to stop the bleeding.

As different people would pass into the room,

I started hearing murmurings of "bleeding out."

My husband started to call.

He called my boss, and he called my family.

And I said, I need your prayers.

I told them what happened.

REPORTER: Hours later, doctors were able to slow the bleeding.

They gave her a transfusion and sent her to another hospital

where she was stitched up by a plastic surgeon.

GG CONKLIN: We thought that I was in the clear at that point.

So the doctor helped me up.

And all of a sudden, I turned around to say something to her,

and the words wouldn't come out.

And the room filled with people.

REPORTER: GG's blood pressure had

dropped to a critical level.

CHUCK: And that was when I really got concerned.

I mean, very, very concerned about her life.

I said, Lord don't take her from me.

REPORTER: Doctors were able to stabilize GG quickly.

And within hours, she was cleared to go home.

It was there-- looking into a mirror for the first time--

that she knew it wasn't luck that saved her.

I looked in the mirror, looked at the bandages,

and I thanked God because I knew He had had

His hand of protection on me.

I knew He brought me through it.

REPORTER: EMS Falcon can't explain

how she avoided a serious, potentially fatal accident.

NOEL: The thing that surprised me was she

was able to bring the motorcycle to a stop--

not fall off.

I can't prove anything.

The only thing I can say is, look at GG.

Look at what she went through.

I just know He answered prayer.

REPORTER: After several years and surgeries,

the scars are faint but noticeable.

But for GG, that's OK because, like all scars,

they tell a story.

They're a reminder, not of a horrible accident,

but they're a reminder that God had His hand on me--

His hand of protection.

And He's always there, and I'm so grateful.


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