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Hearing God’s Voice By Faith And Science

Pastor David Stine from Metro Church shares the vision he received while getting his doctorate at Regent University, and discusses how to combine faith and science to hear God's voice. Read Transcript

What do I need to do to hear God's voice?

Well, that's the question David Stine is most often

asked as a pastor.

So to answer it, he designed a five-step process.

Take a look.

NARRATOR: 12 years ago, David Stine

was a student at Regent University.

When he heard God tell him to start a church in Washington,

DC, David listened.

Today, he is the pastor of Metro Church,

a multi-site church in Washington, DC,

with over 3,000 members.

He says obeying God was critical for their success.

In his book, "Hearing from God," he

shares his five-step process and the tools

to hear God's message for you.

Please welcome to the "700 Club," David Stine.

It's great to have you here.

So good to be with you.

The title of your book, "Hearing from God,"

God wants to communicate with us.

And you talk about that so well in your book.

But how did God first speak to you about his desire for you

to establish a multicultural church in DC.

That's a big project.

That's a big project, especially

for a young man coming from southwest Louisiana.


Not many of my peers ended up in the Washington, DC, area.

And it was a tall order, even at the time.

I was at a doctoral retreat with Regent class.

It was in 2005, and in April, I remember

it like it was yesterday.

And the moderator of the retreat asked

us to go and kind of get alone by ourself in the woods

and have some time with God.

And I tell the story as though I wasn't really

excited about doing that.


I thought, we're out in the woods.

What am I going to do here?

And so I did go out in the woods and ended up

in that time with the Lord, found myself on my knees

in kind of a clearing in the soil in the dirt.

And I felt like the Lord was telling me to make 17 or make

these holes in the ground.

And I made some holes in the ground.

And sure enough in that moment, it

was that still, small voice all over scripture.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: Still, small, yet big and large

at the same time.

It was enormous in every way.

And He said, these are the, He said, look down and count.

And I counted, there was like 17 in like a circle and three

up here.

And He said, He said, these are the 17 locations in the DC area

that you're going to plant and three in New York City.

And at the time, I, Terry, I was just blown away,

had to check with many people to make sure I wasn't just losing

my mind there.

But at the same time, it was so much in line

with what I had really been feeling called to.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: In your heart, yeah.

And now I had a vision.

And around the DC area is we've begun.

You know, I think everybody would like to hear from God,

even people who aren't sure whether He's there or not

would like to hear from Him.

That's so true.

And God wants to communicate with us.

So why is it so often difficult to bring those two

components together, David?

Well, I think it's, the first is the knowing

that He wants to speak.

And for me, that was probably the bigger

of the two wrestling.

But looking in scripture over and over,

even Jesus Himself in John 10:27 says,

"My sheep listen to My voice.

I know them and they follow Me."

And for me, after I'd wrestled out

that He wanted to speak to me, then it just

became a process of figuring out what

was the best method for me to position myself

every day to not just point my life towards the Bible

but to literally point my life in the direction of scripture

and hear His voice in order to follow Him every day.

You mentioned what is the best method for me to do that.

The subtitle of your book is "Five Steps

to Knowing His Will for your Life."

You kind of used the scientific method as the basis

for establishing a method for hearing from God.

Talk a little bit about that.

Well, I felt like it was, eh, you know, in our world today,

as you well know, scientists are discovering

the depths of the natural.

They're researching and R&D is a big, big thing

in our world today.

And I had this moment where I was just

in the beginning phases of writing the book,

and I thought you know what?

Who is out there discovering the depths of the supernatural?

And I thought that's, I'm a pastor.

That's got to be part of my role.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: Should be me.

There's so much more supernatural

than there is natural.

And so that's when I thought, you

know what, the best way to present

this has got to be the scientific method, which

folks understand.

It really just starts with a question.

And as you already mentioned, the question

that I'm always asked, how do I hear from God.

And so I started there, and did some research,

which is step two, and then drew up a hypothesis.

And then you invite us on a discovery of 40 days

to really process this for ourselves.

This is something anybody can do.


So the bottom line really with God

is how much do you want hear His voice, right.


How much are you willing to pursue Him?

And He says that.

You'll find me when you seek for me with all of your heart.



When you were 14, you had a very serious health issue

and God spoke to you through your grandfather.

That was an amazing work.

Well, you know, I think that was really,

to go back to the prayer one, I really

think that was whenever I realized that God really

did want to speak at least to someone.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: You were dying.

Because he spoke to my grandfather.

And yeah, I was diagnosed with terminal leukemia.

I was given six weeks left to live.

New Orleans Ochsner Clinic, they couldn't figure it out.

And my grandfather called me one day.

It was only a couple of weeks in to the six weeks.

And at that point, being a young teenager,

you just, you're like this is it, you know.

And my grandfather called me, and he said,

David, the Lord gave me a vision.

And I wasn't a follower of Christ at that time

so I was all ears, you know.

God had spoke to my grandfather for me.

And he had this beautiful vision.

He had just seen me a couple of days prior,

but this was on the phone.

And he said, I saw you in that hospital bed,

and you went up into the clouds.

And I'll never forget, he kind of paused for a second.

I was, like, Grandpa, do you have anything else?

This is not sounding good right now.



And he said, no, no, no, no.

He said and then all of a sudden,

you came back down out of the clouds dressed

like a normal teenage boy.


And he said, David, I believe God gave me this

because you've been healed.

And as soon as he said that, it was like I,

I just knew that I knew that that was the moment that God

had healed me.

And it was within a week of that time,

and and one more unfortunate bone marrow

test, to find out that I had, in fact, been completely healed

of all cancer and have been cancer-free since that time.

You know, sometimes we get a word from other people

but God really wants to speak to us directly.

And that is what David's book is about.

It's a step-by-step guide to recognizing the voice of God

with a practical 40-day challenge included.

The work's been done for you.

You just need to follow the directions.

It's called "Hearing from God."

His book is available wherever books are sold.

Highly recommend it.

You can hear more about it by watching

our exclusive online interview with David.

Catch that at

Great to have you here.

Thank you so much.

Such an honor to be here.

Wonderful book.

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