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Mysterious Digestive Issue Healed After Eleven Years

Adrian had a mysterious digestive issue that caused him to develop epilepsy, tachycardia and muscular atrophy. At age 11, his family traveled from Norway to attend a conference at Bethel Church. While there, Adrian was prayed for but didn’t ... Read Transcript

When Adrian was five months and a half

the nurse advised us to start feeding him baby food just

to start the transition to solid food

and to try out if he could even sleep better.

He didn't respond well.

He was in a lot of pain, he was screaming all through the night

and all through the day.

He was sweating profusely.

His clothes were soaked, and he was spastic from the pain.

My husband, Thomas, and I would take turns

comforting him and carrying him all through the night,

and each one of us could take a maximum of 30 minutes,

and then we would have to switch.

WOMAN: When they put him on IV nutrition, within two days

he was pain free, and we realized

that many of his symptoms were related

to his digestive system.

For three years we stayed, like, 80 to 120 days a year

at the hospital.

WOMAN: My cries to God were, did you forget us?

Are you busy somewhere?

I would cry until I had no tears left.

And there in the silence afterwards, he would come.

We could very much feel his presence.

His muscles would get weaker and then they would disappear,

so he had some kind of progressive muscular disease,

although we didn't know what caused it.

He had epilepsy.

He had tachycardia.

He had a lot of problems that caused

him to grow very, very weak.

And at the age of 11, our doctor said,

you've talked about going on a trip,

just creating memories for you as a family

to live on after he's gone.

Now is your window of opportunity.

Next year he probably won't be able to.

And we knew next year we might not have him.

WOMAN: And we thought, well, we'd

like to go to a conference, like a church conference.

And that might sound weird, but we had never

been able to go anywhere.

But we thought, so what if we go to Bethel Church.

Our kids just love their music.

When we got to Bethel, Adrian leaned over

and he said to me, Mom, now I know

that whatever God has for me, that's what I want.

I know he wants the best for me.

And that was just great.

And then we went to a breakout session on healing,

and at the end they said, does anyone need a miracle?

And he raised his hand.

And a young man stood next to Adrian and he said,

so what's wrong with you?

And Adrian said, I can't eat.

And he just prayed for Adrian, praying

for new life in his stomach, and his digestive system,

and off we went.

And I asked Adrian, so did you sense anything?

Did you feel any different?

And he said, no, but it was a good experience.

So for lunch we went to a restaurant

nearby because we just needed to eat before the next session.

And we all ordered and Adrian said, can I have

the bread stick to play with?

And usually at home we would always

give him food on his plate for him

to cut to pieces and to smell and just

to be a part of the meal, basically.

And all of a sudden Adrian said, can I have another one?

And we said, no, you already have one.

And he said, not anymore.

WOMAN: Just tiny, tiny amounts of watermelon,

that contains a lot of water, was

enough to make him very sick.

So just the idea of him eating a bread stick, it was like--

it was unimaginable.

So my husband and I started talking.

Now what do we do?

Do we take him to a hospital?

And we thought, no.

It's no use.

They don't know him here.

You know?

It's just too complicated to begin to explain everything.

And we thought, well, we'll just have to observe.

WOMAN: The next morning I tiptoed into his room

to see if he was still alive, and I looked over in his bed

and Thomas came and stood next to me,

and there he was sleeping, rosy-cheeked,

and he was just fine.

WOMAN: And it was just amazing.

His healing didn't come with a manual.

We didn't know how to do this.

But honestly, we just couldn't stop him.

He would eat everything.

He would have burgers and fries and salads and pizzas and ice

cream and everything, you know?

It was just impossible to stop him.

Within days from when he was healed,

the muscles started growing back.

He was changing right before our very eyes.

When we came back to Norway, Adrian's doctors are saying,

this cannot be explained medically.

His physiotherapist says, this is a miracle from God.

It just can't be anything else.

I remember the very moment I was in the car

and I realized that Adrian would have a future.

And he had been healed for quite some time,

but it just hit me, that he will have a future.

And I was just so grateful.

You know, all those prayers that we

prayed throughout Adrian's life and his illness,

I firmly believe that those kept him alive.

He wasn't healed, but God kept him in His hand.

WOMAN: Healing is on the Lord's heart, you know?

That is-- it is who He is.

He's the creator, The life-giver, the healer.

I used to think that I know that God can heal,

but I don't know if He wants to.

And now I know He wants to.

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