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News on The 700 Club: February 3, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," February 3: Trump: 'As long as we have God, we are never, ever alone'; The biblical musical that could bring revival to China, and more. Read Transcript

Well, welcome to the "700 Club."

President Trump is promising to be a strong defender

of religious liberty.

He says that our freedoms come from God,

including freedom of religion and freedom of worship.

The president is promising to make a change in the tax

code that would allow churches to have more

freedom of political speech.

White House correspondent Jennifer Wishon

brings us the story from Washington.

I was sworn in on the very Bible

from which my mother would teach us as young children.

And that faith lives on in my heart every single day.

JENNIFER WISHON: Personal remarks

from the nation's 45th president about his Christian faith.

What I hear most often as I travel

the country are five words that never,

ever fail to touch my heart.

That's "I am praying for you."

JENNIFER WISHON: He told thousands gathered

for the annual National Prayer breakfast

that money isn't what defines success.

So easily we forget this, that the quality of our lives

is not defined by our material success

but by our spiritual success.

I will tell you that.

And I tell you that from somebody

that has had material success.

JENNIFER WISHON: And he says Americans' freedoms

come from God, not man.

Among those freedoms is the right

to worship according to our own beliefs.

That is why I will get rid of and totally destroy the Johnson

Amendment and allow our representatives of faith

to speak freely and without fear of retribution.

I will do that.



JENNIFER WISHON: The Johnson Amendment

is a tax regulation that prevents

nonprofit organizations, including churches,

from supporting or opposing political candidates

of their choice.

Many see it as limiting their free speech.

President Trump renewed his promise

to protect religious liberty, both in America

and abroad, a freedom he says is under threat

now more than ever.

My administration will do everything

in its power to defend and protect

religious liberty in our land.

Some Americans see religious liberty

as code for discrimination.

Can you kind of give us a sense of how the president views

this tension?

We have freedom of religion in this country,

and I think people should be able to practice

their religion, express their religion,

express areas of their faith without reprisal.

And I think that pendulum sometimes

swings the other way in the name of political correctness.

And I think the president and the vice president

both understand that one of the things that

makes our country and this democracy so great

is our ability to express our religion,

to believe in faith, to express it, and to live by it.

And that's where I think the important part is, whether it's

a small business owner or an employee who

wants to have some degree of expression of faith

at the company.

And too often those voices get pushed out

in the name of political correctness.

JENNIFER WISHON: The text of a possible executive

order on religious liberty was leaked

before the prayer breakfast.

But Spicer says there are no immediate plans

for any such executive actions.

We must never, ever stop asking

God for the wisdom to serve the public according to His will.

JENNIFER WISHON: Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.

It's a remarkable change.

What a difference a new administration is making.

Just a few months ago, the Presidential Commission

on Civil rights was singling out Christianity for repression

in the name of civil rights.

And to have it completely flip, to say, no,

we respect matters of conscience,

we want all Americans to be able to worship,

to express their views without any fear of reprisal,

what a wonderful change.

Well, in other news, the Trump administration

is getting ready to put new sanctions on Iran.

John Jessup has that story from our CBN News

bureau in Washington.


Thanks, Gordon.

Those sanctions would be the first form of punishment

since the Trump White House put Iran on notice

after it test-fired a ballistic missile Sunday.

Mark Martin has the story.

MARK MARTIN: Republican and Democratic senators

have let the Trump administration know

about their concerns about Iran.

20 senators said in a letter they want president Donald

Trump to hold Iran accountable.

The president says he agrees and is considering all options,

including military action.

Nothing is off the table.

The option front and center, though,

is imposing new sanctions against Iran.

The White House first sounded a warning earlier this week.

As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice.

MARK MARTIN: That after Iran test-fired

another ballistic missile and engaged

in other provoking actions, which include approaching

US warships at high speeds.

Iran continues to threaten US friends and allies

in the region.

JENNIFER WISHON: Iranian leaders responded

by saying they do not have to get permission

to defend themselves.

And US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley this week

called the missile launch absolutely unacceptable.

What we're hearing from Iran is

that they are being naive, saying

we have no intention of attacking any country.

I will tell the people across the world that is something

we should be alarmed about.

The United States is not naive.

We are not going to stand by.

You will see us call them out as we said we would,

and you're also going to see us act accordingly.

MARK MARTIN: Mark Martin, CBN News.

Thanks, Mark.

Well, China is beginning its new year, and for the first time,

the nation is embracing a new way to celebrate the holiday,

with a musical about the biblical story of Ruth

performed across the Asian nation.

As Gary Lane explains, Christian artists

are hoping the play can deliver the message of Jesus

to a new audience.


GARY LANE: This is a performance that has never

been seen before in China.

During the Chinese New Year holidays,

theater-goers are experiencing the biblical story of Ruth

on national stages.

Many have never heard of the story, which

is centered on the true love relationship between Ruth

and her mother-in-law, Naomi.

The show producers are hoping the play may

improve family relationships.


INTEPRETER: The only question I thought

about the whole time was, how should we

present this Christian story?

I knew many broken Chinese families

need to know the story.

The conflicts among family members in China

are greater than ever.

This could be the chance to heal some

of the broken relationships.

I pray the spirit could make miracles.


GARY LANE: The sets and lighting design

allow viewers to feel as if they were taken back

to the biblical period.


INTEPRETER: We invited historians from Israel

to design the stage scenes, along with the music, with us.

Hopefully our audience is going to enjoy

the time-travel experience.

GARY LANE: Cast members are professional actors

and actresses, a milestone in Chinese Christian theater


Christian cast members told them about how

Jesus changed their lives.

And at least one actress accepted Christ.


INTEPRETER: When I rehearsed the lines,

I didn't quite understand Ruth's lesson about God

until I became a Christian.

GARY LANE: For many Chinese Christians,

being part of this play is also a way

to rekindle a relationship with Jesus Christ.


INTEPRETER: For so long, I haven't had time

to read the Bible on my own.

I used to make excuses to the Lord.

While I was practicing the lines,

I had the opportunity to read the Bible.

I felt the Lord is inviting me to be united with him again.

This play challenged my walk with the Lord.

GARY LANE: Not only are the Christian artists

in this musical hoping for a positive nationwide response,

they are also praying the Chinese audience

will develop an interest in knowing other biblical truths.


GARY LANE: Gary Lane, CBN News.


Thanks, Gary.

Gordon, this is exciting to see.

It is.

And that's a story you're not going

to see on other news outlets.

But we want to bring it to you to show you that good news is

going around the world.


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