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Bring It On-Line: Christian's Free Speech Rights - February 8, 2017


All right, welcome back.

We've got your email comments right now or email questions,


This viewer says, "Does it violate my rights

as a Christian if I am told not to talk about God or religion

in the workplace?"


Well, I think so.

I mean, nobody has a right to tell you that.

I remember what Peter said, that whether it's right to testify,

God's got a judge.

But for as far as us, we cannot but speak the things that

we've seen and heard.

If somebody tries to restrict your rights,

they're violating your rights as a human being

and as an American.

I wouldn't stand for it.

You know, no business should do that.

I'm sorry.

But they'll try to do it.

They say, well, we don't want to offend our customers.

So therefore, get your Bible away.

Don't do that.

And the courts have been very restrictive

in some of these things, and it's time we change all that.

It's long overdue.

Sounds like a case for the ACLJ that you started.



Well, we fought those things by the dozens, all right.

OK, this viewer says, "I'm adopted.

All eight of my siblings are adopted.

And only one of them still speaks to my adoptive parents.

"I never felt loved by them, and my adoptive dad made it clear

that I was 'just another kid in the line-up of adopted kids.'

If they don't really see me as their daughter,

do I still have to honor them as my parents?

Am I in the wrong by cutting them out of my life?"

They aren't really your parents.

I mean, an adoptive parent--

I mean, if they have taken the role of parent,

if they have become a loving parent,

and they have established a bond with you, of course.

But I don't know why they had you

unless maybe they were trying to get

welfare payments or something.

I don't understand the situation you're talking about.

But it's not the same thing as the one

who brought you into the world as your biological parent.

All right.

All right, Lamont says, "In 2005, my mother passed away.

In 2010, my wife passed away.

In 2014, my sister passed away.

I'm having a hard time trying to understand

why this happened to me.

Why were the three most important women in my life

taken from me?"

That's from Lamont.

Lamont, why do you think it happened to you?

I mean, you didn't die.

They died.

You know, they all died.

Where are they now?

If they're Christian, they are with the Lord in Heaven.

They're in Paradise.

They're with the angels.

They're having a time beyond exquisite.

Their life is full of joy.

So why are you complaining, why did it happen to you?

Well, I know it sounds like, well, you're grieving.

But the time is that you should rejoice at the fact

that they are with the Lord.

And you should find solace in Him.

Your relationship should be with Jesus, if at all possible,

all right.

All right.

Brittany says, "I'm a 27-year-old

who goes through a lot of spiritual battles.

My family and I watch your show every morning.

The liberal arts college I attended

taught confusion, reworded scriptures from the Bible,

and practiced witchcraft.

"I had teachers who were discriminating against me,

as well as other Christian students.

I was lucky enough to get my associate's degree.

But since I left there and tried to attend other colleges,

they have caused problems with sending my paperwork.

"What can I do?

I know God will take care of me and provide a way.

But every road I take just turns into a dead end."

Again, I don't know enough information to answer you.

They can't withhold your transcript,

if that's what you're saying.

If you have a transcript, and you need--

you can force them to give up those records.

They can't withhold that.

And if they do, they're legally liable.

And I don't understand--

Just get a friend who's a lawyer to make a phone call.


And that's all it'll take.

One phone call, and you'll get your records.

I don't understand what's going on.

It sounds like a terrible school.

I'm so grateful that I am privileged to be the leader

of Regent University.

It's the fastest-growing university in America.

And we have all kinds of programs.

And the big thing is Regent University honors

Jesus Christ but at the same time

has the highest standards of excellence in terms

of pedagogy and training and so many good degrees.

So if you want to, you don't have

to go to some school that beats up on your faith.

You can find one that really exalts the Lord.


That's right.

All right, here's one from Linda.

"Can Satan read your mind?"

Good question, Linda.

"If I am praying in my head or in silence,

does he know what I am praying or saying?"

You know, I'm really not qualified to answer that.

I don't think that Satan can tune in on your thoughts.

But we have impressions that are put into our minds.

Satan can put evil thoughts into our minds if we receive them.


He studied--

Satan studies us.

He knows our ways--

That's it.




--maybe he doesn't know our thoughts,

but he knows our ways.

But while you're in the middle of praying,

and you're praying silently to the Lord,

I wouldn't worry about him intercepting it

because the Lord will overcome whatever Satan does.

And I can't tell you for sure what he knows

and what he doesn't know.

The Lord said to Satan, what have you been doing?

Well, I've been walking to and fro on the Earth.

And the Bible says he's like a roaring lion seeking

whom he can devour.

So he's an enemy, and he's always trying to destroy you.

And the biggest thing he puts in your way is discouragement.

He tries to get you discouraged.

And he tries to question your faith.

And he tries to put obstacles in your way.

And he tries to frustrate you.

And he knows how to do that.

But whether he intercepts your prayers--

the Bible isn't clear on that.

And I can't give you a definitive answer

because I don't have it from the Bible, OK?

That's true.

The Bible really doesn't speak to that, does it?

PAT ROBERTSON: Doesn't speak to it at all, no.

There's some things we just have to trust God

about and kind of--

But we do know who he is-- roaring lion trying to destroy


That we do know.

And, well--

And the father of lies.

He's a liar from the beginning and the father of lies.

We do know that God can hear our silent prayers.

Thank you.


You're right.

--that's what's important, right.


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