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News on The 700 Club: February 9, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," February 9: 'We’re not irrelevant': Democrats vow to continue campaign of obstruction; Israeli archaeologists say scroll cave most exciting discovery in 60 years, and more. Read Transcript

Welcome folks.

In this edition of the 700 Club, it's really disgraceful

what the Democrats are doing.

The Republicans confirmed about seven of Obama's cabinet picks

on the day of inauguration.

They were all set to go, but not so with the Democrats.

They were slow walking everything--

making a big fight, making a big stink out of it.

And yet, the Republicans have the votes

and they're finally beginning to get tough.

Last night they confirmed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

That is a major, major step forward for them.

The reason is the attorney general

will be picking the judges and suggesting

the judicial appointments on many, many, many levels.

And he could have had any place in the government he wanted,

and he asked for attorney general and he's got it.

But with that in mind, the Democrats

are promising to keep fighting the President's agenda.


No surprise there, Pat.

And President Trump is still waiting for the Senate

to approve several more of his cabinet appointees.

George Thomas brings us the story.

The I's are 52.

The nays are 47.

The vote for sessions was almost completely

along party lines, with Senator Joe Manchin

of West Virginia being the only Democrat to side

with the Republicans to confirm the nation's top law

enforcement officer.

I appreciate the full debate that we've had.

I want to thank those who after it all,

found sufficient confidence in me to cast their vote

to confirm me as the next Attorney General of the United

States of America.

20 Days after taking the oath of office,

President Trump only has six of his 15 cabinet

nominees in place.

By this time, President Obama had 12 confirmed.

President George W Bush had all of his voted in.

The president took to Twitter to air some of his frustration,

writing it is a disgrace that my full cabinet is still not

in place.

The longest such delay in the history of our country.

Obstruction by Democrats.

Votes are set later this week for Steve Mnuchin as Treasury

Secretary, and Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human


Price will play a key role in repealing and replacing


Democrats and their allies are promising

they won't let the law go down without a fight.

As Democrats search for a strategy

to deal with the Trump administration and a Republican

controlled Congress--

Three weeks in the White House has

revealed that President Trump is exactly who we thought

he is, incompetent, and in some cases,

and in terms of national security, dangerous.

They are meeting for their annual retreat in Baltimore

this week.

And the party's top leadership is

making clear it will fight the president at every turn.

We're not irrelevant at all, said

Steny Hoyer, the number two Democrat in the house.

We don't have to have our head bowed.

We don't have to retreat in any way.

So it appears that for the foreseeable future,

President Trump is going to be facing more bitter opposition

from Democrats.

George Thomas, CBN News.

I can't remember in recent memory

anything that's been like this.

This is a partisan wrangling.

These Democrats don't care for America.

I mean, Trump's mantra is make America great again.

And he wants to do it.

And he's putting superb cabinet choices

in place-- superb people-- highly qualified.

And it's going to be one of the best cabinets in history.

I think it's time for Mitch McConnell and the Republicans

to say we've had enough of this and just start

jamming those things through.

And they have the votes and they ought to take it and just

get it over with.

I mean this is like drip torture,

and we just can't keep having this.

But it needs to be taken care of and it

needs to be taken care of swiftly,

because the next thing that is very important

is the confirmation of the Supreme Court justice.

And what's going to happen is a lot

of these cases are going to come up and there'll be a tie vote.

And the liberals may prevail unless the Supreme Court

goes back to that 5-4 balance that they

had with Justice Scalia.

Well in the other news, President Trump

has had some strong words for federal judges

over his presidential order on immigration.

John Jessup has this.

Thanks, Pat.

The President's statement came as the Ninth Circuit

Court of Appeals considers his temporary travel

ban on seven Muslim majority countries with ties

to terrorism.

I don't ever want to call a court biased,

so I won't call it biased.

And we haven't had a decision yet.

But courts seem to be so political.

The president also criticized the lower court judge

who put the temporary travel ban on hold.

And now a democratic senator says Trump's Supreme Court

nominee Neil Gorsuch told him the President's

criticism of judges is, quote, demoralizing and disheartening.

Despite the orders political and legal controversy,

a new poll from Politico shows the public supports

Trump's action on immigration.

55% approve of the order, while 38% disapprove.

Well just days after President Trump took office,

Iran launched a ballistic missile test

violating a UN resolution.

As Chris Mitchell explains, a quick White House response

showed Iran and the world that the Trump administration

is taking a much harder line with Iran.

A ballistic missile launch in late January

may have been Iran's way of testing

the reaction time of the new Trump administration.

It didn't take long to find out.

President Trump has severely criticized

the various agreements reached between Iran and the Obama

administration, as well as the United Nations

as being weak and ineffective.

Instead of being thankful to the United States

in these agreements, Iran is now feeling emboldened.

As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice.

Putting Iran on notice, I think,

is making good use of the bully pulpit,

and not letting Iran get off the hook.

After the ballistic missile test,

Fox News reported Iran launched a short range missile.

But just days ago, Iran removed another ballistic missile

from its launch pad.

It remains to be seen if that was

a direct response to the Trump administration saying

that Iran is on notice--

or if there was a technical issue or a technical failure

that made them remove the missile.

But I think Iran should be cautious.

Many Middle East analysts believe

appeasement isn't the way to deal with Iran.

Strength works.

And I think the Iranian regime would be the first ones

to tell you that.

Let's remember that when Ronald Reagan became president,

the Iranians released all the American hostages for fear

that under Ronald Reagan, the United States would

take military action.

This new attitude represents a major departure

from how President Obama dealt with the mullahs in Tehran.

It also puts Israel and the US on the same page.

For the first time in the past eight years,

Israel and its greatest ally and friend, the United States,

see the Middle East in very similar ways.

The number one threat to regional Middle Eastern

stability and security is the Islamic Republic of Iran

and their nuclear backed surge for regional dominance.

The Iranian threat may seem remote

to people in Europe and the United States,

but it's a different story here.

An Iranian official boasted that one of their ballistic missiles

could reach Israel in seven minutes.

Dan Dyker edited this journal 10 years ago,

warning of the Iranian threat.

It is like an octopus spreading its tentacles

and de-stabilizing almost every country in the Middle East,

except Israel.

And the end goal is to eventually threaten

the United States.

It targets US allies in the region.

It targets US partners in the region.

And it seeks to unravel US national security

goals in the region.

It wants to change the balance of power

that the US has helped array against terror

in the Persian Gulf.

The major question facing the Trump administration

is how to address the nuclear deal with Iran.

On the campaign trail, Trump said

he would repeal or renegotiate the agreement.

But it remains to be seen what direction

he will take as President.

It's an item sure to be on the agenda

when Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu meet

next week in Washington.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

Thanks, Chris and Pat.

Just yesterday, Iran launched another surface to air missile.

Well it's dangerous, they're doing everything

they can to tweak us.

They don't believe we're serious,

but they're dealing with a new Sheriff in town.

And I believe with Michael Flynn and people like that,

these are tough guys and they're not

going to take it lying down.

We have the stuff.

You know, there's a place called Kharg Island

that is the center of so much of their export of petroleum.

A few well-placed bunker busting bombs would take that out

and it would destroy the Iranian economy.

You wouldn't have to go nuclear, but something

has got to be done to shut those people down.

They're the instigator of terror all over the world.

And I think its time to get tough, don't you?

Even though these are tough guys, Maddox and the other guy

you just mentioned--


I don't think they're trigger happy.

I think they're smart.

I think that they're going to use their strength

from the bully pulpit like they did today

and hopefully that will avoid war.

The last thing a smart general wants is to go to war.

They know war is hell and they don't want to get into war.

But at the same time, the thing that Reagan said is so true

is peace through strength.

And that's what Trump is saying, you

have peace if you're strong.

If you're strong enough, the other guys

won't try to go after you.

OK, well at home it's crazy.

The groundhog saw his shadow.

Punxsutawney Phil got pulled out of his hole

and said six more weeks of winter.

And it looks like Phil is in triumph today and tomorrow.

John, what do you have?

That's right, Pat, it looks like he got it right.

Here at home some weather whiplash

after warm temperatures give way to a huge snowstorm

in the Northeast.

Put the top down and then get ready for the snow.

It's crazy, I've been sick for three weeks because

of this weather.

Cold, hot.

Cold, hot.

We just need consistency.

Forecasters expect the major storm system

to bring the region the heaviest snowfall of the season.

New York could see a total of around 10 inches of snow.

People being told to stay home.

Other areas like Philadelphia could get up

to six inches of snow, while Boston is

expected to get up to a foot.

In response, public schools in the three cities

announced they were closed today.

Pat, a lot of happy kids in the Northeast.

I guess they are.

It's still time to build a snowman and goes skiing.

I'm so jealous.

Yeah, you like that?

I love snow.

A lot of people don't.

Of course, I love snow.

Everybody's on Facebook praying against the snow.

I'm like, no, let it snow.

When you live in New York City, as I did for a while,

and all you got is slush, and your step off the sidewalk

with about 18 inches of slush in your shoes, that's not fun.

That's true.


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