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Bring It On-Line: Memories of Hurt - February 9, 2017

I have forgiven people who have hurt me but can't seem to move beyond the memories. My daughter is infatuated with "Dark" things. My grown daughter is moving in with her boyfriend.. Read Transcript


Let's take some questions.

All right, it's time to bring it

on with your email questions.

Vicki says, hi Pat.

I feel as if I have forgiven certain people who have hurt me

in the past, but I can't seem to move

beyond the hurt and the memories,

especially the memories, especially the memories.

Have I truly forgiven if I cannot forget the hurt?

PAT ROBERTSON: You have, well, I tell you what.

The reason you can't forget is because you

keep talking about it.

You think of the hurt, oh, I'm hurt, you know,

she wounded me so badly and it ruined my family and I just

can't-- it's that stuff.

Get on with your life.

Leave that behind and start thinking about Jesus.

Jesus died for me, Jesus loves me,

he's coming again to take me under himself.

I will be part of his heavenly kingdom.

And all that other stuff becomes so insignificant.

That's what you have to do.

You're focusing on the wrong thing.

As long as you continue to focus on the problem

that you are mad about, you will never

be able to get the forgiveness you want in your heart.

WENDY GRIFFITH: I always think about how much Jesus

has forgiven me, and then it makes it easier

for me to forgive them.


So there you go.

That's good.

All right.

All right.

Kathy says, my daughter who is 14

seems to have an infatuation with dark things.

She likes horror movies and wants

to wear black lipstick and clothing

and seems to be attracted to people

with little or no morals.

When I try to talk to her about God or living

a moral lifestyle, she gets a look of aggravation

on her face.

I fear that demons are working on her.

She also has an anxiety disorder, and, I believe,


I just don't know what to do.

Should I try and talk with her about my concerns

or give it to God and pray?

PAT ROBERTSON: I think you'd better give it to God and pray,

but I think you better bind the spirits that are there.

They have the term goth there, she's dressing goth,

and it's a whole fashion thing.

But this is demonic, and she needs to be delivered.

So you're not going to talk her out of it.

You've got to pray her out of it.

I suggest that you begin to rebuke Satan, bind

the power of evil and the forces of evil,

and bind Satan and the forces of evil and say,

I command you to leave my daughter.

That's what you need to do.

If you need further, some more people to pray

with you, by all means, get it.

All right.

WENDY GRIFFITH: Good advice, Pat.

All right, Sharon says, my grown daughter

is moving in with her boyfriend.

They both claim to be Christians.

She wants to invite me over regularly to visit.

I don't want to act like I condone her choice,

but I also don't want to hurt our relationship.

Should I go to their house or just

ask her to meet up with me somewhere else?

She knows that I don't approve of this.

I think you need to keep the communications over.

I think if you shut them off then

they're not going to help any.

But if you're there--

you know, moving in with boyfriend,

I mean, boyfriend is getting sex,

boyfriend is getting companionship,

boyfriend can walk out any time he wants to

and leave daughter alone.

That is not smart on daughter's part.

Daughter needs to have a bonding relationship, which

is called marriage.

And it's not just the sin involved,

it's the stupidity involved with these relationships.

Because you could be devastated.

You know that song about how to leave--

50 way to leave your lover.

WENDY GRIFFITH: "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover."

Get out the back, Jack leave off the key, Lee,

and all that stuff.

Get yourself free, well, I mean, that's

what they're setting themselves up.

So I know it grieves you, but I wouldn't stop your relationship

with them.

They know you don't approve of it,

but I think if you love them, they just

might come into something wonderful with you

in the process, have a wonderful marriage and a wonderful home

down the road.

You could bring that to pass.

All right.


All right, this viewer says, what should we do after we sin?

Will Jesus react the same way towards our sins

as he did in the Bible, since scripture

says Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever?

PAT ROBERTSON: I don't know exactly what

you're alluding to you when you say will he act the same way.

Jesus forgave the sinners, people who came to him,

he said, neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more.

I mean, the whole idea in Christianity

is forgiveness and a new start.

That's what we proclaim and preach, is a new start.

Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white like snow.


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