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Praying For Your Needs: February 15, 2017

Pat and Terry pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript


I don't mean to beat up on Harley Davidson,

but those big hogs are dangerous,

and the little ones are even more dangerous,

what they call crotch rockets.

I see people flying along the highways at 80, 85, 90

miles an hour on those things.

And I tell you, it's dangerous.

And there's a guy named Michael Pruitt,

he was practically road kill after getting into an accident

on his motorcycle.

Within minutes of hitting the pavement,

Michael's family and friends began praying,

and here's how it saved his life.

I couldn't swerve one way or the other.

I couldn't get out of the way.

The only thing that I could do was drop the motorcycle.

NARRATOR: Michael Pruitt was a struggling real estate

agent in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

He was newly married to Dawn, but overwhelmed with family

issues and mixed up priorities.

My daughters and I were just-- it was pretty tense

in our house.

We weren't getting along very well.

I was trying to control my own life.

I was trying to control the outcomes.

The things that gave me self-confidence

were material things, money, success,

getting a sale, things like that.

NARRATOR: In the summer of 2012, he was on his way home

from showing a house when a truck pulled out in front

of Michael's motorcycle.

Michael wasn't wearing a helmet.

We had a head-on collision.

I was knocked unconscious.

I ended up underneath the truck, and was drug for quite a while.

NARRATOR: Members of the fire department

witnessed the accident from a nearby restaurant,

and sprang into action.

EMT Tyler Dunn was on the scene moments later.

We walked up and we saw a patient

laying in a pool of blood with half of his scalp missing.

It was a gruesome scene.

There was a lot of blood.

We had a suspicion that there might be a spine injury.

The best thing we could do for him

was get him to a higher level of care.

NARRATOR: He was rushed to the hospital.

Back at their home, Michael's wife Dawn

could hear the sirens.

We used to hear sirens every day,

and then I heard another one, and then I heard another one.

And then it escalated to the point

that I knew something very serious was going on,

and I just instantly knew that it was Michael,

and I started trying to text him.

And I remember pacing, just pacing up here back and forth,

thinking, saying out loud, OK, answer the text.

Answer the text.

NARRATOR: Just then, the hospital called,

telling Dawn what she already knew.

She drove to the hospital and was overwhelmed when

she saw Michael's condition.

It was terrifying.

It was a terrifying moment, and I felt so helpless.

And there was nothing I can do, absolutely nothing.

And in that moment, I thought, OK, Dawn,

the one thing you can do is you can pray,

and you need to call people that can come and pray with you.

NARRATOR: Half an hour later, the ER

was filled with friends praying for his healing.

So when Dan and I arrived at the hospital,

we laid hands on Michael to pray for the power of God's healing.

It was that simple.

He needed desperate healing from Christ.

And so the way we know how to do that is to lay hands and pray.

That's the power that we have as Christians

and as believers that God has given us.

NARRATOR: An MRI showed he had shattered

parts of his spinal column, and his spinal cord

was nearly seven.

DOCTOR: Cord is pretty much where it's supposed to go.

It's cut at least in half.

When the doctor came in that last time and looked at me,

and said, we need--

I could tell by the look on his face

that he thought that this was going

to have a very grim outcome.

NARRATOR: Michael needed care beyond what the local hospital

could provide.

As he was prepped for a life flight

to a hospital in Salt Lake City, his wife and friends

got in the way.

They were finally ready.

We felt led that we needed to lay hands on him one more

time before they actually rolled him out to the chopper,

and we held him up.

The medical people thought we were insane.

They were irritated, because we were

blocking their medical care, and we didn't care.

That that's what we were going to do.

We were going to pray.

NARRATOR: In Salt Lake City, spinal surgeon Mike Schmidt

prepped for a high-risk surgery.

It was a very difficult spine fracture he had sustained.

This injury is really very dangerous,

and we see almost nobody that's not paralyzed

that comes in with that kind of injury.

The treatment that he has to have

might make him actually worse.

NARRATOR: Dawn continued to pray.

I knew in my soul that this would

take a spiritual healing for Michael to be fully restored.

I definitively, definitively knew that.

NARRATOR: Michael's sister joined on in prayer,

with a kind of power Dawn had not

known since becoming a Christian, just

a few years earlier.

She was inviting the Holy Spirit to come in there

and to administer all of the restoration, and peace,

and grace, and healing that God promises us every day.

She just grabbed a hold of it and brought it

into that room for her brother.

NARRATOR: After several tense hours,

Dawn was told the surgery was successful.

As Michael began his recovery, Dawn

says her faith began to change.

It fundamentally changed the way

that I walk in my relationship with Jesus.

I guess it's like the God of the Bible that you read about,

and that you know is true, and that you believe in,

and that you surrendered your life to,

and you rely on for salvation became real.

He can do all things if you just have faith,

and you ask, and you believe, and you surrender.

NARRATOR: When he awoke, Michael says a relationship with God

became a priority like never before.

I pressed into Him from the minute

I knew what had happened to me.

The result of it for me is it's brought me so much closer

in my relationship with God.

I've gotten off the throne of my life,

and put Jesus Christ on the throne of my life.

NARRATOR: Over the next several weeks,

his physical healing went beyond what many thought possible.

I find it remarkable how well he's recovered.

It's significant that he's completely healed today,

simply by the fact that he could have been paralyzed

by us trying to fix him.

I mean, it truly is a miracle.

I don't know how or why he's walking, he's fully functional,

has no brain damage, has no loss of motor function whatsoever.

NARRATOR: In his book, "The Hard Road," Michael says God

used the accident and his recovery

to bring order and peace to his entire life and family.

God can make great things out of very difficult times

if we press into to Him, if we lean on Him,

and if we bring Him into our situations.

The more I looked at everything surrounding this and everything

that happened, the more I saw God's fingerprint

all over this.

He's present.

He's real.

He's not changed at all.

He's the same as he was.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

He has not changed.

And He is still present in our lives,

and still loves and cares for us.

What a miracle.

That is a miracle of God.

But you know something?

We believe.

How many of you believe that when

you die, if you believe in Jesus,

you're going to go to heaven?

What that says is you believe that this body you have

is going to die.

It's going to lie in the dirt.

It's going to be recreated into a new body

that you're going to rise out of that grave in newness of life,

and you're going to live forever with Him.

That's what it means when you say, I believe in salvation.

But you say, well, you reckon the Lord can

heal a broken back?

Oh, no, no.

You don't believe.

But you believe you're going to have a whole new body,

He's going to take you out of the grave,

and you're going to live?

Yeah, I believe that.

Well, let's face it.

Which is harder?

It's a whole lot harder to give you a whole brand new body

than it is to fix what's already broken, and God can fix it.

And we want to pray and believe God for you

today, because I believe in miracles.

I believe in the God who is the creator of the heaven

and earth.

Now here is a report that came to us from a town

in De Pere, Wisconsin.

Her name was Elaine.

Now, Elaine had a foot problem for several weeks.

She was in a cast, and the doctor said,

you're doing pretty well, but she still hurt.

So she was watching this program.

And Wendy, you said, quote, "There

are a lot of foot problems.

Some people have had problems for months, very painful.

God's healing, and put your hand out and touch your feet."

So Elaine did just that, and she prayed with Wendy.

And the next morning, there was no pain and she was pain-free.

What else do you have?

Praise the Lord.

All right.

Gerardo of Jupiter, Florida spilled a chemical on his hand

while doing housework.

He developed psoriasis from the chemical burn.

It was red, patchy, and very sensitive.

The skin would also peel and bleed.

Skin cream and bandages would help temporarily,

but it would always return.

He dealt with this for months.

Then one day, Gerardo was watching "The 700 Club"

when he heard you give a word of knowledge, Pat,

saying, "Psoriasis being healed in Jesus' name."

After claiming that word for himself,

he noticed his skin began to clear up.

Two weeks later, it was totally gone and never returned.

Praise God.

Look, I don't know Gerardo, but God knows him.

And God knows you.

He knows your name.

He knows where you live.

He knows everything about you.

And for all the good or bad, he loves you regardless.

He loves you a lot, and he wants to touch you, heal you, bring

you into life.

Now Wendy and I are going to join hands.

We're going to believe God for you.

And the Bible says, "If two of you

would agree on earth as touching anything that they will ask,

it'll be done for them by my Father in heaven."

Now we're going to agree together

right now in Jesus' name.

Thank you, Lord.

I agree with my sister in Christ.

We agree together right now.


Oh, you've got a heart murmur, and you have angina or angina,

and you have these shooting pains.

Right now, the congestion is opened up.

Your heart is going to be completely whole,

and all the pain is leaving in Jesus' name.



Someone named Mary, and you have a brain aneurysm,

God is touching you right now.

You are being healed.

And there's many people that were watching this story that

have back problems, and they're saying, why not me, Lord?

I need a healing in my back.

So just reach up right now.

God is touching your back, your spine.

And I speak perfect alignment.

God is touching people and bringing alignment right now

in Jesus' name.

There's is a man, I think your name is Mike.

But in the arch of your foot, there's

some kind of an infection or something that won't go away.

And right now, just reach down.

Touch your foot.

God is completely healing whatever sore is there.

It is going away.

You're healed.

One more time, Wendy.


There's just a lot of people that are just saying, Lord,

I just want peace.

If you'll just give me that, I'll be happy.

So the Lord is saying, OK.

He's touching you right now with His great peace

and His love for you.

Just receive it in Jesus' name.

And Father, we just give you all the audience.

The people who are watching, wherever they are, Lord,

they've got family problems, they've got financial problems.

They've cried out to you.

Touch them with your great love.

In Jesus' name, Amen.


And Amen.

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