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The Forgotten

Kenneth Bae an American Missionary was convicted and Sentence to 15yrs of hard labor in a North Korea work camp, on charge of planning to overthrow the North Korean government, with prayer and worship. While in work camp Kenneth Bae had to hold ... Read Transcript

He told me that you have violated

Article VI of the Constitution, which is your attempt

to overthrow the government.

Through prayer and worship, your penalty

will be death, or life in prison.

I gave my life to Christ when I was around 15.

My family moved to the United States.

I attended a retreat.

Dr. Bill Bright was a speaker at that particular retreat.

He talked about China on that night,

and immediately I realized that was a call for me.

And I say, Lord use me to be a bridge or missionary.

At that time I realized that this

is my call for mission work in China,

and also for North Korea.

For the first 17 times that I visited North Korea,

I took a group of people as mission groups

or the Christian tourist.

So my 18th trip that I went into North Korea,

I made a crucial mistake by carrying

a external portable hard drive.

And because the hard drive contained-- not only there

was footage of Western media.

It also contained all my mission support letters

and other information in creating the photos

and the video clips about the mission

work we have done in Korea.

I was arrested and I was taken into remote hotel.

My conversation with God, I was like, why me, Lord?

Why now?

Third day of my detainment, they made

me stand on the middle of the room all day long.

And suddenly my hand get really warm, my arm was getting warm,

and I didn't know what was going on.

And then I heard the voice of God.

It said, Holy Spirit is holding your hand.

And he said, I am with you.

This is when I realized that if God is

with me, who can be against me.

And this He said, I'll be your rescuer.

So be strong and courageous.

They decided to send me to Pyongyang, the capital city.

As soon as I arrived there, they told me

that I'm being indicted.

So after the trial, instead of getting a life sentence

or death penalty, I received 15 years of hard labor.

I had to struggle to continue believing in the promise of God

when I was in labor camp, because it

was physically, emotionally, very difficult

to go through every day.

But I choose to continue to believing in the promise,

and knowing that my God is the same God yesterday, and today,

and forever.

And he's the same God in China, or in America, in North Korea.

And he said he is with me.

So I had to hold on to that.

I asked the Lord, what is your will for me?

Do you want me to stay here?

Is staying here your will, because I've

been praying and asking God, take me home, send me home.

Lord, you know my heart, but not my will.

But you will be done.

And I gave up my right to go home.

Use me as your instrument here.

Lord started to used me to reach out to people building


Then, one girl finally asked this question,

you said God is for real.

Then why are you still here?

And if God-- no one stay here for this long before.

And I said, it's not about whether God is real or not,

maybe God may have different plan.

The plan that includes you.

Because without me, how are you going

to hear about anything about God, or outside.

And he says, true.

Because I never heard anything like this before.

Finally, 2014, November 8, I was able to be released.

God promised me that then he will be my rescuer.

And it took two years, but the promise was fulfilled.

Unless I was a missionary being detained there,

I would have never had that kind of full

of encounter with the people, to have

compassion for the people who are lost

and living in darkness.

And let us continue to remember people living

in such isolated and forgotten society like people

in North Korea.

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