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Desiring to Be Part of Something Good

Don was passionate about lending what he had to those in need. He found a way to make more outreach possible, and shares how you can do it too. Read Transcript


NARRATOR: Don Cox is the owner of Cox Toyota in Burlington,

North Carolina.

He's a man who looks for ways to serve God.

And in 2016, he offered the land beside his dealership

for the Burlington revival, which made national headlines.

It was tremendous.

It meant so much to me to have this going on.

There were nights in which during the song service,

there would be people responding and coming to the altar.

And the minister wouldn't getting a chance to speak.

NARRATOR: For decades, Don has appreciated the ministry

of CBN, because we too share the gospel while meeting

the needs of people worldwide.

I do think that a ministry needs to minister

to the whole person.

We can't tell somebody who is hungry

the good news of the gospel and then walk away.

We need to feed him as well.

NARRATOR: Don became a CBN partner in 1994,

and now is a member of the chairman's circle.

Well, I like what's happening around the world.

I like Orphan's Promise.

These kids in these other countries

who need help, and who need parents,

and who don't have guidance, and so forth.

And particularly in these areas that

don't have good drinking water.

The fact that CBN is there to dig wells and provide

fresh water for these kids and their parents to drink

is strong.

NARRATOR: Don enjoys helping make all these outreaches

possible, and he encourages others to do

the same by giving to CBN.

It means a great deal to be a part

of some good things you can see that are actually happening.

If we are in proper relation to Him,

and if we are really indeed thankful for what

He's done, that we will, in turn, give to others who are in


I think that's the bottom line.


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