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Sick Baby Boy Encounters the Miraculous

Two days after Hunter's birth, doctors found a mass taking up 2/3 of his stomach. While seeking treatment for their son, Hunter's parents sent out a desperate call for prayer, and received more than they expected. Read Transcript

He couldn't hold anything down from the first time

we tried to feed him.

NARRATOR: Hunter Chesser was only two days

old when his parents, Jake and Casey, noticed a problem.

He could only eat about a half ounce of formula at a time,

instead of the normal two ounces.

Any more than that and he would spit everything back up.

Or any pressure on his stomach would make him spit back up.

NARRATOR: Hunter's doctor ordered X-rays.

There's just a mass that took up about 2/3 of his stomach.

They actually showed us where it was, and you could feel it.

And that was probably the most heartbreaking part of it

is actually being able to feel the mass in his stomach

that's not letting him eat.

NARRATOR: The doctors told them it was life-threatening,

and he needed to be treated immediately.

He said, Hunter cannot live with this mass,

and we need to send him to Denver to take it out,

because he can't eat enough to live with it.

I remember both my wife and I were just very scared,

very worried.

I was blown away.

I didn't know what to think.

I didn't know what to say.

You don't expect to see that in your baby that's two days old.

NARRATOR: Hunter was airlifted to the Rocky Mountain

Hospital for Children in Denver, 5 and 1/2 hours away.

Jake and Casey called for prayer.

And from there, it spread.

My brother Morgan got on Facebook

and put this prayer request out on Facebook.

And within hours, he had people all over the country

and all over the world.

He had friends in Australia, and New Zealand, and England.

All his friends and their churches

were praying for Hunter.

The circle of prayers within hours was overwhelming.

NARRATOR: Jake's mother, Norlene,

called CBN's prayer center.

I couldn't find the words myself to pray.

It was just that feeling of needing somebody

that since I couldn't put it into words,

that I knew at the other end of that phone line, could.

And she did, and that's what I needed.

NARRATOR: Jake remembers the long drive to Denver.

I was just incredibly worried.

I think I spent most of the trip praying for Hunter.

NARRATOR: In Denver, doctors conducted tests,

and a 3-D ultrasound confirmed the results.

The best prognosis we were looking at

was him leaving in two months, but we should probably

plan for him to be there at least six months.

NARRATOR: The evening before Hunter's surgery,

Casey was feeding her son.

I was in the room by myself, and I fed Hunter,

and he drank the whole two-ounce bottle,

and he was perfectly fine.

At that time, I was cautiously optimistic,

because I didn't want to get my hopes up,

but something changed.

NARRATOR: The next morning, doctors

ordered another MRI to get a last look before surgery.

A while later, the doctor came in,

and she had a strange look on her face, which

scared me to death.

It's like something happened, and it probably is not good.

But she came in and she said, OK, I have news for you.

She said, we just got done with the MRI,

and I don't know what they saw, but it's not there now.

NARRATOR: Medical records confirm

the mass doctors detected on the 12th was gone the next day.

They couldn't explain it, and they didn't really

attempt to explain it.

I knew he'd been healed.

I knew the Lord healed him.

And I remember looking at Casey and we just broke down

and both started crying.

NARRATOR: Today, Hunter is a busy, healthy toddler.

Jake and Casey are grateful for his healing

and the power of prayer.

There were thousands of people praying for Hunter,

and every single one of those prayers mattered.

It's the kind of relationship the Lord wants with us

is we can ask Him anything.

Come boldly before the throne of God.

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