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News on The 700 Club: February 17, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," February 17: 'The press is out of control!' Trump echoes Americans’ distrust of mainstream media; Washington florist will take her case to the US Supreme Court, and more. Read Transcript

Well, welcome to the "700 Club."

President Trump is making it clear,

he doesn't think the news media is being

fair to his administration.

He's even calling some of their coverage "dishonest."

And while the President was taking on the media,

the Senate held its confirmation hearing

on his nominee for ambassador to Israel.

Mark Martin has the story.

MARK MARTIN (VOICEOVER): President Donald Trump

did not mince words as he met the media in the East

Room of the White House.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I turn on the TV, open the newspapers,

and I see stories of chaos.


Yet it is the exact opposite.

This administration is running like a fine-tuned machine,

despite the fact that I can't get my Cabinet approved,

and they're outstanding people.


covered a wide range of subjects, including

more optimism among businesses since he took office,

and the soaring stock market, executive orders

that cut regulations, and a successful rollout

of his nominee to the Supreme Court

as proof things are running smoothly.

The President also pushed back on media reports

that his campaign advisers may have had inappropriate contacts

with Russian officials, and he was not

shy about expressing his frustration with what

he called a "dishonest" media.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: We have to talk about it

to find out what's going on because the press, honestly,

is out of control.

The level of dishonesty is out of control.

MARK MARTIN (VOICEOVER): It appears most of America

shares Trump's lack of confidence in the media.

Only 32% of Americans say they have a great deal

or fair amount of trust in the media,

according to Gallup's annual confidence

poll from last September.

That's the lowest ever since Gallup started

asking the question in 1972.

Meanwhile, Trump's pick for US Ambassador to Israel

had his confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign

Relations Committee.

It did not take long before bankruptcy lawyer David

Friedman was interrupted by demonstrators, including

this one opposing Israeli settlements.

PROTESTOR: Mr. Friedman also said that Palestinian refugees

don't have a claim to the land, don't

have a connection to Palestine, when in fact, they do.

MARK MARTIN (VOICEOVER): When he wasn't interrupted,

Friedman did answer a question about settlements

and a two-state solution, giving the Palestinians

their own nation side by side with Israel.

You, of course, have been involved in supporting

settlements and in conversations that seem to imply that

the two-state solution is no longer a viable option.

What do you mean by that?

DAVID FRIEDMAN: Senator, if the Israelis and the Palestinians

were able through direct negotiations

to achieve a two-state solution along parameters

agreeable to them, and the Prime Minister of Israel yesterday

outlined some of them, I would be delighted.


acknowledged his doubts.

I have expressed my skepticism about the two-state solution

solely on the basis of what I've perceived as an unwillingness

on the part of the Palestinians to renounce terror and accept

Israel as a Jewish state.


Well, our CBN News political correspondent David Brody

is with us from Washington.

David, it was quite a show yesterday

in the President's press conference.

What's your take on it?

Well, I'm just frustrated that I didn't bring popcorn

because that was popcorn munching, Gordon, for sure.

I mean, look, the way this went down at the White House

was pretty fascinating.

Donald Trump walked in in the morning on a Thursday

and looked at everybody and said,

let's do a press conference today,

and then boom, everybody started running and trying

to figure out, well, let's get some seats in the East

Room of the White House.

I mean, it was that chaotic, if you will.

Because, look, all along, Gordon, as you know,

Donald Trump is his best press secretary.

It's himself.

And so it's been pretty fascinating to watch

the media's reaction to all of this.

They're clearly thinking it's a combustible situation.

They feel that he was unhinged.

We've heard these words.

But boy, to his base, I mean, he was

channeling his base yesterday.

There was no doubt about it.

It wasn't even like he was at the East Room of the White


It was more that he was kind of hanging out with some Rust Belt

factory workers after the whistle blows at 5:00 o'clock.

I mean, it was just kind of very genuine.

You know, one of the things, Gordon, that's interesting--

here's a comparison for you.

Ronald Reagan was able to cut through the media with, like,

a butter knife, if you will.

Donald Trump cuts through the media,

I think, more like with a chainsaw.

But the point is still the same.

He's able to kind of cut through the media clutter

and really be very genuine.

Love him or hate him, he's genuine for sure.

He is genuine.

And yeah, love him or hate him, it

seems like it's dividing though.

And you know, he seemed to take on CNN, and you kind of wonder,

are they just laughing all the way to the bank?

The head of CNN was predicting they're

going to have $1 billion in profits for this calendar year,

which is an astonishing number.

At the same time, the polls are showing that nobody

trusts the media anymore.

Does it seem to matter?

Well, I think it matters to Donald Trump, and here's why.

Because he knows that he can get away with what

he did yesterday because the public overall has his back.

Even the ones that don't necessarily

support Donald Trump actually don't support the media.

In other words, if Donald Trump has a 50% approval rating

while the media, as you just pointed out,

far less than that, so if you run the math,

Donald Trump believes he's got the wind at his back,

specifically as it relates to his approval versus the media's


Do you view this as the start of the campaign season,

if you will, for the mid-term elections?

Was this a campaign event?

Yeah, I think that's actually a very astute observation.

I agree with you on that.

I think it is somewhat of a campaign event

because it was in his wheelhouse.

This is where he likes to operate.

And now we find out or we know that he's

going to Florida this weekend where he

will have a big campaign rally.

And here we go, just about a month

into his campaign or his presidency,

and he's already holding campaign rally

events, which by the way, I thought it was interesting.

At the press conference on Thursday, he said,

those crowds, he understands, are already going to be huge.

So he had already talked about the crowd size

before the crowds even gathered, so I thought

that was somewhat interesting.

Let's turn to the policy.

It looks like he's going ahead with a new immigration order.

Do you have any insight on what's

going to be in the order?

Well, the White House realizes that they need to, in essence,

tailor it-- and that's the word he used yesterday--

tailor this executive order because of that 9th Circuit


So what they look to probably be doing here.

And once again, not all I's are dotted

and T's are crossed, but most likely

including some non-Muslim countries

to the executive order.

And that's why Donald Trump said yesterday,

he said it actually might be even

better than the original executive order.

Because apparently there's going to be some additional countries

added so look for that.

And also look for some of those permanent green card residents,

if you will, to make sure that they're not

excluded from the trav-- or make sure

that they will be allowed to travel and not

be part of that travel ban.

Well, it looks like David Friedman is going

to be confirmed as ambassador.

The votes seem to be there.

Any insight on what's going to happen as a result of this?

Are we going to see any kind of deal between Israel

and the Palestinians?

Are we going to see the embassy move to Tel Aviv?

What's your prediction?

Well, this is a--

how do we say this-- it's a big gray area, and here's why.

Donald Trump, have you heard, he's the "Art of the Deal,"


I mean, he talks about it all the time.

And part of the deal-making process

here is not to reveal your hand.

And so what we have here is, does

the White House deep down, Donald Trump, and some

of his advisors, like Bannon and Friedman,

do they want to move the embassy to Jerusalem?

Absolutely, they do.

I don't think there's a question about it.

But can they reveal that publicly right now?


It's part of the art of the deal.

They've got to figure out the best way.

That's why the other day, Donald Trump

looked at Benjamin Netanyahu, in front of all of the world, all

of those cameras, and said, I'd like you

to hold off on the settlements.

Once again, trying to figure out the sweet spot, if you will,

of some sort of deal so that's the gray area.

But look, Friedman is a guy that is not

for a two-state solution.

Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, Donald Trump's son-in-law,

Jewish, is a big pro-Israel guy but might be a little bit more

into negotiation when it comes to a two-state solution.

So there's a couple of competing interests there.

And Donald Trump just, as he even said himself,

wants the best deal possible.

But he's got Netanyahu's back, and that's a good thing

from Israel's standpoint.

David, I've got to ask this.

You've become a celebrity at these press conferences.

Oh, gosh, don't tell my wife that.

You won't get any respect at home.


But are you getting any flak behind the scenes

from the White House press corps?

Well, it's interesting you ask me that, Gordon,

because when I asked that first question the other day

at the Netanyahu-Trump press conference,

many of the mainstream media members, who I know,

Jim Acosta of CNN, Peter Alexander,

some of these other folks from NBC, you know, I know them.

I've been out on the campaign trail.

There were some "death stares" at me.

When I say "death stares," I'm putting those in air quotes.

The point is is that they were not happy.

They were not happy that CBN was asking

not only the first question, but a question.

And they didn't get one during a very important press


So yeah, there has been some pushback,

I think, more with, if you want to call

it, the silent treatment from folks that I've known.

So it's been interesting, Gordon,

but that's OK, that's OK.

Yeah, well, you're up for the challenge.

I do know it seems like the White House press corps has

always been an alpha male environment

so get ready for more death stares.


All right, David, thanks for being with us, and stay strong.

Thanks, Gordon.

In other news, Indonesia's commitment

to democracy and religious tolerance

may be at stake, as voters in Jakarta

choose their next governor.

The current governor is up for reelection.

He is a Christian who is still on trial

for allegedly committing blasphemy against Islam.

Our Asia correspondent Lucille Talusan brings us that story.

LUCILLE TALUSAN (VOICEOVER): Jakarta's incumbent governor,

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, popularly known

as "Ahok," was among the early voters

in the gubernatorial election.

The governor is currently on trial

for allegedly insulting Islam.

And some Indonesians believe that may cause

him to lose this election.

But his supporters say his record of good governance

may lead to victory regardless of the charges against him.

Boni Hargens is a Muslim political analyst.

Ahok is one of the best governors Jakarta has ever had.

Ahok has no problem with the Muslims.

And the Muslims are moderate.

The Muslims are rational.

The Muslims are compatible with democracy.

But the hardliners are rejecting the idea of democracy.


believe Ahok is an answer to prayer in the world's

most populous Muslim country.

This has been going on now for almost 30 years,

this momentum of prayer for Indonesia

and for its government.

And I see the rise of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama,

a God-ordained leader being raised up,

fearless and integrity, focused on being

a transparent, godly leader.


says if Ahok becomes the freely-elected governor

of Jakarta, this can open the way for a double minority,

Ahok, being Christian and Chinese,

to be president of Indonesia in the future.

He says, why can't I become president?

I'm Indonesian, just like everybody else.

And so that path would be open to him

if he becomes the freely-elected governor of Jakarta.

All religion is the same, has the same right

and responsibility in this nation.

And actually we are educated by our parents to love this nation

and really to do the best for this nation.

So we love the Muslims and the Muslims love us.

LUCILLE TALUSAN (VOICEOVER): The winning candidate

must receive more than 50% of the vote.

The final election results are expected within three weeks.

If the votes of the winners are less than 50%,

a second round between the top two candidates

will be held in April.

The people here at the Ahok headquarters

are very ecstatic, because their candidate

is leading in the quick count.

If Ahok wins, this is a strong indication

that Indonesia is a country that is run by democratic principles

and not by religion and ethnicity.

And even if he loses, the public will still

look at Ahok's good performance as a work barometer

for whoever succeeds him.

Lucille Talusan, CBN News, Jakarta.

Well, this is an incredible story,

and we've been covering it ever since he

was charged with blasphemy.

If he's able to win this election,

that will be a watershed event in the largest Muslim country,

by population and by land area, in the world.

And what a great thing that would be,

and how it would ring the bell for democracy

being possible in a Muslim-majority country.

At the same time, he's still facing

a blasphemy trial, where he could spend five years in jail.

So we're going to cover it, and we're

going to keep you informed.

And please be praying for the democracy of Indonesia.


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