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Bring It On-Line: - February 17, 2017

Why do I have so many dreams? Is it okay to guard our own hearts, even from family? Read Transcript

It's time to bring it on.

It's time to bring it on.

You look ready.

Are you ready?

I'm ready, because I don't have, I don't have to answer.

You're not going to answer them?

Hm, that'll be interesting.

All right, let's start.

OK, this viewer says, I watch your program every day

and it's a blessing to my family.

I have a question though.

I have had dreams almost every other day for many years now.

Some dreams come to pass and some have not.

Any idea or suggestions why I have so many dreams?

Oh, well, you're not giving me too many specifics

on the dreams.

But the reality is all people dream.

If you're healthy, you're literally

dreaming every single night.

Doctors call it the REM stage of sleep,

and then you go into deeper states.

If you're not dreaming, it's actually a sign

that you may have some health problems,

and you need to get that checked.

Most of us forget what the dreams are.

And when we wake up in the morning,

we're not remembering them.

Even if you wake up and you have some memory of it,

wait about an hour, and you've forgotten what your dream was.

So if you're remembering the dream,

I'd like to say that dreams that come from God

are dreams that have you as opposed to you have them.

When a dream comes from God, it's

a message that will grip you, just like Nebuchadnezzar

was gripped by his dream, and he wanted his magicians to tell

him what the dream was, as well as the interpretation

so he could believe it.

And only Daniel was able to do that.

So if the dreams you're having are coming to pass,

I would encourage you to start a dream journal.

And you will start seeing symbols

that repeat in your dreams.

And then take a look at them and go to your pastor

and start asking him what do the symbols mean

and where is this going.

God gives specific gifts, and one of the gifts He gives

is prophecy.

And sometimes prophets receive dreams from the Lord.

So examine it, test it, prove it by scripture,

and see where it goes.

Amen, good answer.

All right, this viewer says, in a family situation

where there's a lot of lying, intimidation, manipulation,

betrayal of trust, and vitriolic verbal abuse,

is it right to continue to expose yourself

to that behavior?

I've been advised to forgive, show love, and be nice.

But what about guarding your own hearts?

Would I be wrong to cut ties with certain family members?

All right.

You've got to tell me who the family member is.

If you're talking about a spouse, that's one thing.

If you're talking about a child, that's another thing.

If you're a grown adult and you're

talking about a parent or a cousin

or an uncle or a brother and sister,

each one of those relationships have different rules

and different responsibilities and different obligations.

So to say a blanket rule for all relatives,

I can't give you that.

Is it OK to guard your heart?

Absolutely, and I encourage people,

if you're in that kind of an abusive relationship,

you need to start having boundaries.

And you need to express those boundaries to the person who's

offending you.

The Bible says, if your brother offends you, rebuke him.

Don't just sit on your anger, bottle it up.

Rebuke him, get it out.

Establish your boundaries, say this behavior is unacceptable.


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