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U.S. Senate Chaplain: There Is Nothing to Fear

Chaplain Barry C. Black discusses how, through looking at the Scriptures, we can thrive in this turbulent and confusing times. Read Transcript

Well you're watching "The 700 Club."

We're delighted to have you with us today,

the start of another week.

It's going to be a great week for everybody.

Well this man rose from the hood to the Hill.

Senate chaplain Barry Black is no stranger to adversity.

Last month at the National Prayer breakfast,

the retired chief of Navy chaplains

shared a powerful message that prompted

a standing ovation from Republicans, Democrats,

and President Trump himself.

Take a look at this.

He's the spiritual leader for some

of the most powerful people in the United States.

Senate Chaplain Barry Black is not only

the pastor for 100 senators, he also

ministers to Capitol Hill employees and their families,

about 7,000 people in total.

His recent address at the National Prayer Breakfast

drew praise from Republicans, Democrats, and the president


Far more important than letting our voices be heard

on earth is the opportunity to make

our voices heard in heaven.

In his new book, "Nothing to Fear,"

the chaplain shares his seven principles

that will help us face a changing world.

Well please welcome back to "The 700 Club"

a wonderful man of God, Senate Chaplain Barry Black.

Chaplain, God bless you.

I should say Admiral.

You're retired from the service.

You were a rear admiral, right.

That's correct Pat.


Does it feel better to be a civilian?

Or would you have been more happy with all this--

the praise?

Well Pat, I've often said that my greatest status comes

from 1 John chapter 3, verse 2, "I am a son of the living God."

I am a member of his family.

So that's where my status comes from.

You can't-- you can't beat that, a prince of the Lord.

There you go, praise his name.

Listen, you preside over the Senate.

And have you ever seen a time which

has been such rancor in America, such bitterness?

What do you think can we do about it?

Well, I have often pointed, Pat,

that there has not been a caning on my watch so far.

You remember when--

I remember.

--the guy came in and beat the fellow into next week.

So fortunately in the 14 years that I've been

there, that has not happened.

PAT ROBERTSON: Well fortunately.

But yes, the nation is polarized,

and the representatives reflect the polarization

that we have in our nation.

What can we do about it?

Well, I think 2 Chronicles chapter 7:14 still works.

We just haven't taken it seriously.

It's an if-then prophecy.


"If my people called by my name will humble themselves--"

not all of the people, just my people--

PAT ROBERTSON: My people, call by my name.

--"and pray and seek my face--" fervency matters,

as you well know--

"then the sovereign God of the universe

says, I will heal from heaven, forgive their sins,

and heal their land."

That still works.

We have that power.

Well you're optimistic then, aren't you?

Oh, I am.

I am.

You know, I believe that righteousness

is a national security issue.


Proverbs 14:34 says "righteousness

exalts a nation."

And the Barry Black translation says

sin is an equal opportunity destroyer.

It will take you out.

It doesn't care what your name is.

Sin will take you out.

And so we need to realize that and begin

to major in righteousness.

You're chaplain of the Senate.

Do the senators come to you and ask

for-- how you had some that you've been able to minister


Well I'm their pastor.

Every week, I'm at a prayer breakfast

with about 25 or 30 of them.

Every week I have a Bible study.

Both sides of the aisle come together.

So as I hinted in the National Prayer Breakfast

speech, Philippians 4:22, there are

saints in Caesar's household.


We interact together.

We discuss the word of God together.

They are people of faith.

They intercede.


And remember the power that we have.

James 5:17 says, "Elijah was a human being like us."

One man stops the rain for 3 and 1/2 years.


So we've got power.


You know, we're like Harry Potter.

We have more power than we realize.

From the hood to the Hill--

where you were born?

You were born in-- in the hood.


I was.

I was born, I say, in Freddy Gray's neighborhood

in Baltimore, the neighborhood that

exploded after the death of that young man.


And it was toxic pathology and there were challenges.

But I was blessed to matriculate at a Christian school,

from grade one all the way through college, supported

by my church, supplemented financially by my church

because the church emphasized all the children should

be taught of the Lord.

And then my mother had Christian education in the home

by providing a monetary incentive

for my siblings and me to learn the word of God.

Really, what was the incentive?

What did she do?

$0.05 a verse.

But Pat, you have to remember--

PAT ROBERTSON: That's big money.

--a nickel was big money in those money.


You could get into the big Baby Ruth.

That's a candy bar, yeah.

There you go.

You can get the [INAUDIBLE].

We're ancient history here.

We have to explain what a Baby Ruth is.


Pat, what is our world coming to when you have

to explain what a Baby Ruth is?

Just shows we're going down the tubes.


So you know, for the simple statement, Jesus wept.

And you had a Sugar Daddy, which is another candy--

piece of candy that you could-- you know.

Remember Lot's wife and you had Sugar Babies, so

another nickel bag.

And so I fell in love with the word of God

because it was positively reinforced every time

I memorized the scripture, until she put me on a flat rate.

She said, "No more of this, no more than $0.25

even if you memorize the whole book."


That's right.

But you kept on doing it anyways.

I kept on doing it because it's addictive.

The word of God is addictive.

What was your mother?

Now was she working someplace or was she--

Was a domestic.

She was--

PAT ROBERTSON: A domestic.

--$6 a day.

She was the help, if you remember the movie.

PAT ROBERTSON: Yeah, I remember that, sure.

That's what she did.

$6 a day.

$6 a day.

And what did she-- she cooked or cleaned house or--

She cooked and cleaned house and ironed

clothing and scrubbed floors.

But it's interesting Pat, when I was

eight years of age, the woman for whom she worked

gave my mother a record.

And my mother brought it home and played it.

I played it over and over again, until I had memorized it.

It was a narration record.

And it was Peter Marshall's, 56th chaplain of the United

States, Were you there?

I knew he was not from my neighborhood

when I heard-- (SCOTTISH ACCENT) "The morning's sun had

been for some hours over the city of David."

Nope, he's not from around here.

He's not from the hood.

But, you know, who would have thought,

and what is the statistical probability

of an African-American kid in the inner city memorizing

a sermon from the 56th chaplain of the United States Senate

growing up to become a successor to that chaplain.

PAT ROBERTSON: That's amazing.

God moves in mysterious ways.

Did that help shape the way you speak, the British accent--

Scottish accent?

Yes, it's a Scottish accent.

From time to time I will get a slightly British accent Pat,

you know.

But most of the time, it's the regular one.

When you spoke to the Prayer Breakfast,

you actually summarized Jesus' life in the Bible

all the way through the Bible.

How did you do it?

Well, the critical moment in my life

was, when at 10, I memorized 1 Peter 1:18 and 19.

"We are redeemed not with corruptible things

such as silver and gold but with the precious blood

of the lamb, Jesus Christ."

And it dawned on me as I said in the prayer breakfast speech,

deductively, that the value of an object

was based upon the price someone was willing to pay.

Is there a greater price ever paid in the universe?

And that price was paid for me.

So instead of being concerned about nickels,

I started searching for that man.


And I started bumping into him everywhere.

I mean, my God, he's everywhere throughout scriptures.

He says in John 5:39--

that's a Sugar Baby bag here.


"Search the scriptures, for in them you think you

have eternal life.

And these are they which testify of me."

So I encountered this man and he transformed my life.

He still transforms my life.

He still does.

BARRY BLACK: Yes, he does.

You've written a book.

I know this will be a blessing to people, "Nothing to Fear."


What are you encountering here?

Well, principles and prayers for thriving

in a threatening world.

I was reading through Matthew, interacting with that man

again, when I came across, again, the text,

"I sent you forth as lambs in the midst of wolves."

PAT ROBERTSON: That's right.

Now you know when you read the scriptures,

you can read something 50 times.

But when the Holy Spirit decides it's going to stop you,

it stops you.

And I thought, wait a minute, a lamb is a baby sheep.

So you're not even sending a mature sheep,

and you're not sending him in a wolf,

where maybe with a slingshot and five smooth stones

it will stand a chance.

But you're sending it among wolves.

Why would a good shepherd do that?

And the Lord just downloaded in my spirit.

Now I was fasting and praying for the election, six months

of intermittent fasting.

And were hundreds on Capitol Hill doing the same thing.

And so here I am trying to decide

about this predatory world that this shepherd is sending folk


And there's seven wonderful principles.

Jesus said, he says, well, you've

got to do a reality check.

The harvest is white.

You guys are waiting for the harvest.

It's ready right now.

He says, the problem is you don't have enough laborers.

So how do you get the laborers?

You know, you don't put up recruitment signs.

There's power in prayer

PAT ROBERTSON: [INAUDIBLE] the harvest, yeah,

Pray that the Lord of the harvest will send forth


So Jesus is already hinting at the supernatural power

we have available to us in the midst of the predatory.

As it says in "Star Wars," "Use the Force, Luke.

Use the Force."

We have a force that we can use.

That we can overwhelm the predator too.

There you go.

And so God downloaded this in my spirit.

And there it is, nothing to fear,

absolutely nothing to fear.

PAT ROBERTSON: Praise the Lord.

Folks, this is something you need

to get, "Nothing to Fear--" why would you be

fearful in a time like this--

"Principles and Prayers to Help You

Thrive in a Threatening World."

What a great man.

Chaplain, Barry, wonderful to have you again with us.

You're a dear friend.

I'm so proud--

Great to see you again.

Yeah, God bless you my brother.

Your knowledge of scripture--

I'm glad that you could have been just, you know,

bummed out on a sugar high with all those Baby Ruths.


God bless you.

BARRY BLACK: The miracle is I don't have diabetes Pat.

I know.

Isn't that a miracle And you were talking about that

in the Pacific island.


You see what happens when you get to know that man, Pat?

"With his stripes--" Isaiah 53--

"you are here."


Praise God.

God bless you.

Thank you for being here.

The chaplain of the Senate, ladies and gentlemen,

Rear Admiral Barry Black.

Glad to have you.

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