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Walking Was Nearly Impossible

Sharon's knee never recovered from a car accident injury, and she relied on pain medications to get through each day. She didn't believe she could be healed, but knew that God was beyond her disbelief. Read Transcript


It hurt, constant.

The pain had never let up.

In fact, it got worse.

NARRATOR: For years, Sharon Cinna dealt with pain

in her right knee.

SHARON: Some of the worst pain was if I had to walk,

or taking steps, I would have to plan out

every step within my home.

NARRATOR: Both of Sharon's knees were

damaged in a 2007 car accident.

And her right knee never recovered.

The doctor said that it was because there

was no cartilage left.

My knee would feel like it was separated--

like the lower half of the joint wasn't connected at all.

So wherever I pushed down, it would send sharp pains.

NARRATOR: She took pain meds just to get through the day.

Sharon had to stop doing many things she

loved and, eventually, had to quit her job.

Every portion of my life had changed,

from being an active volunteer and always

hosting parties and things to pretty much just surviving.

NARRATOR: After several years of living with the pain,

Sharon struggled to believe that she would ever

be healed from her condition.

SHARON: I knew I still believed, but I wasn't where I use to be.

I just doubted everything.

I doubted I could have no cartilage.

I doubted I could feel better, that God would even

want to do it for me.

It affected my faith completely.

NARRATOR: In 2014, Sharon and her husband

saw a story on "The 700 Club" about a woman

who had been healed of headaches when Gordon

gave a word of knowledge.

She said she didn't believe.

She believed that it would happen for other people,

but why would God heal her?

I realized he did it for somebody who was asking just

like I was, and who wasn't believing like I wasn't.

And I'd still ask the Lord, well, but I need new cartilage.

I need a whole new knee.

It was only a few days later that I was watching.

And Gordon and Terry were praying.

--now, and we thank you.

And then Gordon started talking about

that this is for somebody whose knees hurt.

Someone with degenerative joint

in both knees, both the left and the right.

It's difficult for you to stand up.

It's difficult even when you sit down.

The pain just seems to be a constant.

God's healing you.

I'm still thinking in my mind though, but--

but I need new cartilage.

And then right then I heard, Gordon say--

He's restoring.

He's able to rebuild cartilage.

He's able to put back everything that needs--

that joint needs.

And I thought, oh my goodness!

I felt both my knees just tingling,

like a cool running water feel.

And I got up and I went to take my coffee cup to the kitchen.

And I took about five steps and my right knee

popped very loudly and almost pushed me forward,

but it didn't hurt at all.

And then I just started laughing.

And I realized that it was my knee being healed.

And I just raised my hands and thanked the Lord.

And I was so excited and I just kept telling

him thank you and thank you.

NARRATOR: Today, Sharon is still pain free.

The pain was over seven years.

And after that day of prayer and accepting the healing

from the Lord, it was healed.

It was gone.

I could walk.

I could garden again.

I could cook.

I could host parties and lift my grandchildren.

So it was God.

It was only by God.


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